Use Emoji Sliders

Emoji sliders are evolving as a very creative way to provide followers with more choices. The customers can now give their through emojis, and you can also text beside the slider to create more options as the user can slide right or left and release them to submit the answer successfully. The sliders can be horizontal or vertical to suit the image that you are posting. It is a great scope for the brands to create personalized and unique story ideas. 

Use Swipe Up Feature

Business marketers search for creative and new methods to get people engaged in their stories and perform the swipe to get the details. The swipe up feature can be used in the social media networks as story polls to gain the followers’ attention and channelize the traffic into the link. Fashion contents often use this feature to attract their followers. The user can swipe up to read the article, and after reading, they can put their response. It is generally in use to generate a huge amount of interest by impressing the audience and drive traffic into the website.

Share behind the scenes

Sharing behind the scenes is an amazing process to develop your brand via social media. It is an effective way to engage and impress users as it gives the user an inside looks as to who you are and what does your brand represents. It helps to develop a connection with your target audience and turn the users into potential buyers who will help make your brand successful. You can showcase your team who work deliberately behind the project. It helps to educate the people on the amount of work involved. The audience will be able to get a deep understanding and appreciation of the project.If you want to get more comprehensive information about story ideas to engage, here!

Answer Questions

A use seeking an answer to questions is a very relevant fact. The brands are well acquainted with this and appeal to the audience to ask them questions based on their queries. This is one of the best possible ways to use your product to achieve something specific. It is a great way to strike up a conversation with your followers, and users engage in the pour in their views. Suppose specific questions are asked time and again by the followers. In that case, you can create an inventory of commonly asked questions and can direct people easily to the already answered questions.

Go Live

Video is very popular and successful on the social media network. By going live, you can join the crowd instantly and create a great bond. Live video has a huge impact as you are instantly communicating with your followers and make them understand the goal of the product yourself. The users can also react to your interaction; you will be able to grow a friendly connection with them. It helps to bring the followers a bit closer and show them what is happening behind the scene.