As responsible adults, we can take care of ourselves from the COVID-19 infection risk by using masks, gloves, and following sanitization practices.  But when it comes to kids, parents need to be extra careful as they are less aware of the hygiene and the risks involved considering the prevailing situation. 

Being parents, you need to teach your kids about the significance of sanitization and why it matters even if the pandemic never existed.

Following are some of the tips to take care of your kids with the coronavirus outbreak:

  • Teach them about the importance of 20-seconds hand wash. While washing hands, you can ask your kid to count slowly till 20. Also, educate them on the washing technique – top of the hands, between the fingers, around the thumb and fingernails. 
  • Remind them to wash hands after using the bathroom before eating, after using the playground, petting an animal. It is also necessary to wash hands after sneezing, coughing, or blowing the nose. 
  • If kids are outside and there is no access to soap and water, you can sanitize his/her hands with Dr. Rhazes Germ Kill Spray Foam that offers complete protection against enveloped virusThe product is a  hand sanitizing product that contains no alcohol or other harmful chemicals. It is a perfect spray for kids as it is gentle on the skin.
  • Teach them to cover sneeze or cough using an elbow. Even though your kids haven’t used hands, it is crucial to wash hands with soap and water to prevent germs.  
  • Make them aware of the current virus situation and encourage them to wear a cloth mask, preferably while going out. Parents can choose to cover or not cover the faces of children younger than two years. 
  • Tell them about the importance of social distancing. One should maintain at least 6 feet distance you’re out in public as studies indicate that respiratory secretions cannot travel more than six feet.
  • Children spend most of their time playing with toys. To keep them virus-free, make sure you wash the toys and dry them completely.
  • Keep them hydrated with liquids such as lemon water, orange juice, or coconut water to improve immunity.
  • Teach them to empathize with those who are suffering from the virus

In these testing times, when it is quite common for a kid to get bored indoors as the schools are shut, and there are restrictions on stepping out. You can engage them in fun activities or enrol in online hobby classes. You can play board games, read books, be involved in art, write a story, improve them on craft, dance, do yoga, play or listen to music.