There’s no denying that ATV riding is excellent recreational fun in and of itself. But, did you know that there are numerous uses for ATVs beyond just riding for pleasure? All-terrain vehicles are often used for a number of agricultural and homestead uses such as these five other ways to get more use of your ride.

1. Winching Things

A quad with a winch is a highly useful tool for hauling, pulling and dragging heavy items and equipment. It’s the ideal recovery tool when autos or other utility vehicles get stuck or wedged while riding.

2. Agricultural Land Maintenance

With pull behind accessories such as plows, rakes, tillers and mowers, taking care of your acreage will be much easier. Furthermore, these add-on helpers are far less costly than independent mowers, tillers, etc. that use lots of gas and require more maintenance.

3. Residential Landscaping Uses

In addition to the equipment mentioned above, you can attach a spreader to distribute rocks, seed or salt evenly. You can even attack a cool lawn rake with self-powering wheels and have the lawn looking sharp and leaf-free in much less time using your ATV.

3. Camping is More Fun with an ATV

A sport sized all-terrain vehicle can carry as much as 800 pounds of gear and supplies for camping—even a small trailer for sleeping. Plus, you’ll have fast transportation around parks and campgrounds.

4. Toting Hunting Gear with an ATV

While hunting directly from an ATV, chasing game or removing targets from bushes with them is illegal in many states, they are useful to hunters in the wild. ATVs can be used for transporting hunting gear and animals between locations once removed from the bush.

5. Simplify Snow Plowing

Put down the shovel and gear up the ATV with a front-pushing snowplow. You’ll be the snow-clearing champion of the neighborhood.

Don’t Forget ATV Insurance

It should be noted, that before trying to use your vehicle for any of these activities, you should make sure you have ample ATV insurance from a reputable company.