Wondering how to choose from the bathroom vanities on offer? This article outlines some relevant questions you can ask yourself before you choose a bathroom vanity. Read on to find out more. 

Single or Double?

One of the questions you need to ask yourself before choosing a bathroom vanity is whether you should select a single or double vanity. Single vanities are best if space is a concern, while double vanities are an option when you have more room. Have a think about how many people will be using the bathroom. Is it a whole family bathroom where there will be kids wanting to brush their teeth at the same time? Is the bathroom a master ensuite, where you want the luxury of having a his and hers sink and mirror? When you carefully consider how you plan to use the bathroom and how many people will be involved, you can work out whether single or double bathroom vanities will be best.  

What Material?

The materials of different bathroom vanities can have a profound effect on the overall look of your bathroom. You can choose wood for a natural, textural feel, which brings a bit of nature right into your bathroom. However, while wood might be an aesthetically pleasing choice, it might not be the most economical. Make sure you choose a material that fits into your budget and still looks the part. For advice and inspiration, you can visit your local showroom that has bathroom vanities on display. You’ll then be able to have a good look at all the options in person to see how they really look and to pick out one that will suit your space. 

Which Style of Sink?

There are so many different styles of sinks available these days, with different options to suit different bathroom aesthetics. For a modern style, a vessel sink is ideal. But you can still obtain more traditional styled sinks if that suits the look of your bathroom. Don’t take sinks for granted, as the particular style of sink you choose could say a lot about your bathroom aesthetic. Sinks are a crucial part of bathroom vanities, making them something that you need to think deeply about. 

What Kind of Mirror?

Mirrors have all kinds of personalities based on their shapes, frames and frame colours. If you want a feature mirror on your bathroom vanity, choose one with a frame that has a pop of colour for a quirky feel, or you could choose a frame with wood grain for something more natural. For a seamless look, you might even opt for a frameless mirror that extends all the way across the bathroom vanity. 

Do I Need Storage?

One important question to ask when it comes to bathroom vanities is whether you’ll need storage. One of the culprits of a messy and disorganised bathroom that raises your stress levels is insufficient storage. If you don’t have designated areas to store things, they can end up cluttering up your bathroom. Think about drawers or shelving that’s integrated into vanities, making them equally as practical as they are beautiful.