The city of Solo is never-ending to be explored, from its historical, cultural to culinary tours. Large number of immigrants from all over the country flocked to study in the city of Solo, making the city of Solo more comfortable to just hang out while finding new friends anytime. Many young Solo people choose wedangan or angkringan as a place to hang out with friends. Even so, it does not mean that cafes are rarely found in Solo. We will provide information about recommended 5 cafes in Solo that are fun to hang out with friends. Check out the following review!

  1. Café Tiga Tjeret

Café Tiga Tjeret is a café version of angkringan. The name is derived from the identity of the angkringan which usually has three kettles on top of the brazier. The concept of the place is quite comfortable that feels like home, and there are indoor and outdoor areas with comfortable wooden chairs. The menu served at Café Tiga Tjeret is the same as angkringan in general. You can enjoy joss coffee, sego kucing, meatball satay, and various cheap snacks in a comfortable place.

  1. Omahe Whawin

If you want nostalgia or feel the atmosphere in Ubud Bali, just come to this café. Omahe Whawin is an angkringan with a combination concept between Bali and Java so that you can find Balinese ornaments such as statues, paintings and Balinese knick-knacks here. The the building uses the Joglo concept is thick with Javanese nuances. The menu served here is also the same as the food in the angkringan. Such as grilled rice, mangut rice, sego cat, wedang uwuh, wedang lower, and many more. With a unique atmosphere and low price, this cafe is always an option for hanging out with friends.

  1. Catniphora Café

This cafe is not just a place to hang out because Catniphora Café provides a place according to visitors’ needs. There are three floors with a different atmosphere on each floor, so you can just have a coffee or relax, you can also relax while reading a book in the book corner. Or you can also meet me at the cafe.

The 1st floor has a coffee shop, bar, and outdoor area with a capacity of up to 40 seats. Then on the 2nd floor, there is live music, a book corner, board games, and a VIP room, perfect for fun. And finally, on the 3rd floor, there is a meeting room with a capacity of 10-12 people, you can use it for meetings with a different atmosphere. The menu offered is also quite complete, from heavy food to coffee.

  1. Serious Coffee

Before coffee drinks began to fill every corner of the city of Solo, since ancient times Solo has been known for its strong-scented tea drinks supplied from the slopes of Mount Lawu and Karanganyar. So, it was quite difficult for us to find a coffee shop that didn’t come from packaged coffee until finally a café called Ngopi Serious was created. This serious coffee shop provides coffee menus from various regions in Indonesia. There are at least about 40 types of coffee beans that are ready to be enjoyed by visitors. This Serious Ngopi Kedai gives a classic feel which is complemented by some charming Indonesian dance paintings.

  1. My Old Book Café

Around campus, there are usually many cafes suitable for students. A cafe with free wifi facilities and a comfortable place will be one of the most sought after. However, what about cafes that provide books for visitors to read? From each city there may be only a few or none. In Solo, there is a café that provides books for visitors to read, namely Café Bukuku Lawas. Here, you will be invited to choose the book you want to read. There are three high shelves and two medium shelves that contain books worth reading for you to choose from. The location of this cafe is very close to the ISI Surakarta campus. Reading a book while sipping coffee in the afternoon, of course, is a very fun activity.

Whether your trips take you on a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts, or urban attractions, additional research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Solo by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.