Tired of Seminyak, Kuta, and Ubud? Even Canggu, Candidasa, Karangasem, and Lovina no longer excite you?

If you have traveled to almost all corners of Bali, and still want to continue your search for places that are rarely visited, West Bali can be your next adventure list.

Vacationing to the west also doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice five-star pleasures, delicious food, exotic beaches, or a search for spiritual identity. West Bali has it all, from luxurious accommodations, various water activities, restaurants with mouth-watering local cuisine to rarely seen sights. And the best part? You don’t have to fight with the crowds of other tourists.

  1. Glamping at Menjangan Dynasty Resort

All the opinions you know about West Bali will change after tasting the glamping experience at Menjangan Dynasty Resort.

This resort, located on a quiet peninsula, is one of the originators of the holiday style known as glamping (glamorous camping) in Bali, a global trend of offering an intimate experience with nature without giving up luxury and comfort outdoor enthusiasts. Glamping is a new form of regular camping. No more needing to light your bonfire – it’s all provided!

Camping by the beach isn’t just for backpackers, that’s why at Menjangan Dynasty Resort you can find 24 beachside camps with spacious decks and relaxing areas. If you want to get a blue view of the surroundings, you can rent Cliff Tent Villas. Each unit of Cliff Tent Villa is made in South Africa with double-layered canvas and is equipped with air conditioning and a private pool.

With stunning surroundings, a safari feel, a high standard of comfort, and a wide range of activities to do, how could you miss Menjangan Dynasty Resort?

Menjangan Dynasty Resort

Price : Starting from IDR 3,070,000

Address : Pejarakan Village – Gerokgak, Buleleng, West Bali

Phone : (0361) 753 300

  1. Explore a hidden waterfall nestled between cliffs and rocks in Musi Village, Gerokgak

Musi Village, which has only recently become popular with local residents, is a relaxing getaway for those looking for an authentic, simple village-style experience in Bali. There, you will uncover its secret – a cliff area where a waterfall tumbles violently into a natural pool.

Due to its very hidden location, the best way to reach this waterfall is to ask the local villagers for directions after arriving at Musi Village. After all, it’s a great opportunity to mingle with the locals!

At dusk, you can stroll through the village, look for Hindu temples, and observe the simple daily lifestyle of the villagers.

  1. The green cliffs of Yehembang Village

The uninhabited village of Yehembang Kangin in West Bali already has a mainstay tourist spot – Green Cliff. No wonder it was given such a name when you see the beautiful green cliffs around this place.

Once you reach the top of the hill, you will be rewarded with a wide panorama of the Yeh cliffs accompanied by the sound of the river below. This building is only made of bamboo (60 meters long and 10 meters high) to preserve the natural environment. The majestic expanse of nature, Green Cliff promises an intimate experience with its expanse of the green panorama.

Not to mention dozens of selfie opportunities that you can take advantage of while enjoying the view! Located in a popular area near Rambut Siwi Temple, Green Cliff is easy to reach, so make sure to stop by if you’re in West Bali!

  1. Plane stranded in the middle of nowhere – Jembrana Regency

Many new things can happen in Bali, and here too, you can get creative and random views. Like a stranded plane, for example.

Although it is not a new phenomenon for local residents, several other stranded planes have been found on this island. And one of them, a private property like any other plane, can be found in the middle of a large field in Jembrana Regency in West Bali.

It said that the original goal of the owner of the Boeing 737 was to turn it into a library, restaurant, or cafe, but neither of those plans came to fruition. Another story says this plane should have been converted into a villa on the other side the building in Jembrana.

But, even though none of the plans were realized, this plane is still an attraction for travelers. This Boeing 737 seems to be rarely visited compared to other stranded aircraft in Bali – such as the one in South Kuta or perhaps the most famous one on the roof of Gate 88 Mall. Feel free to stop by for a unique photo session here!

  1. A Catholic church built with gothic and Balinese elements in Palasari Village

It might sound strange to suddenly find a church of such high value as the Palasari Church on the Island of the Gods. But not in West Bali! Despite being in a predominantly Hindu community, in Palasari Village these two religions live together peacefully, united in this beautiful architectural masterpiece.

The first Catholic missionaries arrived in Bali in 1936 and some people in the village near Denpasar embraced the Catholic faith. In 1940, a priest, Father Simon Buis, asked Dutch officials in Bali to form his congregation. Since it was not allowed to build a church near the capital, government officials offered him a plot of land in the Pangkung Senate forest in Jembrana.

In 1940, he moved to the village which is now called Palasari. Designed by Father Ignatius A.M. de Vriese, this church was built between 1953-1958, with a mix of traditional Balinese and gothic architecture. Today, the church is called the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish and has more than 1,400 congregations – the largest number of Catholics compared to any other church in Bali.

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