Cakes are special sweet bombs that makes you fall for them and die a sweet death if you can fall in love with them too much! We live in a time where if something great happens to us or our loved ones we call for a cake treat. Cake is the instant reaction to anything happy that happens in our lives be it birthdays, anniversaries, your siblings first job acceptance letter, a new year party or even any of the auspicious festivals. Cake has no boundaries and absolutely no religion, people everywhere in this world loves cakes and why not! They are the sweets of our success and a celebration after all the hard work. To make the celebrations more flavoursome and memorable it’s important to have a unique cake delivered to the venue which everyone will appreciate after the first bite. 

Let’s take a look at some of the best cakes you can order for your loved ones: 

  1. Chocolate Truffle: You know why Earth is the best planet? Because it has chocolates. You will never see a person who says no to chocolates. Chocolates in any form are appreciated and the best one is the one in the form of a chocolate truffle cake. Chocolate truffle cake is a gourmet cake where everything starting from the outer layer to the inner layers of bread are soaked in the rich flavours of chocolate. It’s the best cake to commemorate any occasion. 
  2. Fruit Cake: Can cake be healthy? Yes why not! If you love to eat fresh fruits than what’s better than having a fresh fruit birthday cake for your loved ones. Fresh fruit cakes are available in many flavours be it dark chocolate, pineapple, kiwi or even blueberry. You will have the freshness of fruits as a topping on the cake and even fruit crumbs hidden inside the cake. If you love any specific fruit you can get a fresh fruit cake like strawberry cake, blueberry cake or mango cake with actual fruit bites. 
  3. Personalised Photo cake: If you have a self obsessed sister or a friend than nothing can surprise them more than having a Photo cake on their birthday. You can gift this on any occasion to your loved ones by choosing your desired base and flavour and having the perfect picture of them increasing the beauty of the cake. The picture of the person and the sweetness of the cake will make a perfect blend for the special day. 
  4. Pineapple Cake: You may call this cake a perfect combination of simplicity and taste. A pineapple cake reminds of all the unpretentious things in life. This flavour is loved by the people of all age groups be it your toddler niece or your grandma. There is something so delicately rich about its taste that the first bite on your tongue takes you on a ride to heaven. Best part about pineapple cakes are the mysteries pineapple bites that pops in your mouth while eating this cake. Bring this simple yet beautiful cake for your loved ones without any occasion and celebrate the feeling of togetherness with them. 
  5. Red Velvet Cake: There is something so naturally captivating about this cake. Call it it’s vibrant red color, it’s texture or its taste. But a person who has tasted this cake once will always love to celebrate their special days with this incredibly soft, moist and buttery cake only. Red velvet is such a unique cake because it has a dash of vanilla flavor but also a hint of chocolate. Red velvet cake is the best pick for Valentines day or even to celebrate your partner’s birthday with a romantic definition of cake. 
  6. Caramel Cake: A caramel cake is definitely the showstopper of any occasion. This cake is sure to turn the heads of people at any occasion and your loved ones are going to enjoy the lavish tang of this mouthwatering cake. A salted twist in its flavour is going to give your taste buds an exotic experience of heaven. With its engaging taste, Caramel cake happens to be a crowd-pleaser. If it has some caramel popcorn as a topping it’s the best, for sure. 

So these were the list of 6 ambrosial cakes that are enough to light up any occasion and add the perfect sweet punch to it. Surprise your loved ones by choosing the perfect cake. But don’t just smear it all on the face of the person whose special day it is, munch it and stay lost in the heavenly taste of such flavourful beauties.