The pandemic has made our lives a lot different from before, and even now, when we already have the vaccine to look forward to, we still have to cope with the so-called ‘new normal’. But being the adaptive creatures that we are, we have all found ways to live with the Coronavirus and get on with our lives – and this includes planning for future events with this new normal in mind. But what impact does the pandemic have in terms of events and gatherings for the future? If you are thinking of planning an event and would like it to be timely in this day and age, here’s a look at the most relevant and impactful trends in events and gatherings in 2021: your ultimate guide.

  • Social distancing events

Social distancing became the norm in 2020, and it is set to go well into 2021. With this in mind, if you are planning a 2021 event, think about social distancing as a priority. This means reserving venues that are big even for a small number of participants or attendees and planning events that are smaller overall, with more manageable audience sizes. You should also consider more varied layouts and seating plans to accommodate the need for social distancing, but at the same time, make sure you can optimise your available space.

  • Hybrid gatherings

Hybrid gatherings are set to take the world by storm in 2021, and this is when you add a virtual component or element to the traditional or standard structure of an event. With this, small groups of people can take part in small, face-to-face or personal sessions, and this will then be shared with a larger number of participants with digital technology and platforms. Keep in mind that attendees will indeed be more selective when it comes to the places they will visit and what they will do, so many of your event attendees may simply opt for the online route. With a hybrid event, you can appeal not only to people who would like to attend an event in person but also to those who prefer to attend an event virtually. Your event can then have a broader reach that doesn’t compromise the safety and health of anyone.

  • Outdoor gatherings and events

The outdoor gathering and event will also be a big trend in the coming months, and with everyone aware that the spread of the virus is less likely to occur outdoors, more outdoor gatherings can be expected. This is especially true for the spring and summer seasons when the weather will undoubtedly be warmer, as confirmed by expert event planners like With an outdoor event, say, in a broad space like a garden, field, or outdoor tent, you can provide your guests enough distance from each other and still be comfortable as well.

  • Important technology

In the last few years, events have been steadily changing, and there are now more events that have embraced technology in different ways. And since the pandemic, technology related to events has transformed and played a greater role, with more events featuring live streaming to connect audiences in different areas and create an event experience first-hand. You can take advantage, for instance, of interactive sites and apps that allow your followers to participate in your event, and you can even stream your event via platforms like Zoom.