After a car accident, you will be contacted by an insurance adjuster to make a settlement offer. Although they may make a good offer, you must not accept the first offer the insurance company makes. Insurance companies work to protect their revenue by offering as little as possible in settlement compensation to victims of accidents. They will want to take advantage of your vulnerability and financial need, forcing you into accepting an offer that is less than what you deserve to get. The best way to get a fair settlement is to consult a houston car accident attorney. Your lawyer will assess your case, losses, and future expenses to ensure you get fair compensation.

The Insurance Company Will Make Another Offer

The insurance company’s first offer won’t be the final one. The first offer is usually the smallest one. Insurance companies know you will come back and negotiate. And if you have legal representation, they will make several offers until you accept one. These companies want to resolve the claim fast, so they will come to you with a lowball settlement hoping you will take it.

Let your Attorney Evaluate the Offer

Before you reject an offer, let your attorney examine it first. Your lawyer can evaluate your case and determine the amount of compensation you need. Then, they will make a counteroffer that shows the figure they have determined.

When the insurance company’s offer is rejected, their claims adjuster will examine your case and look for a second higher offer. However, this offer may still be lower than you deserve. Your lawyer will draft a demand letter that includes details about your injuries, compensation, and losses. They will usually demand higher compensation than what is fair to you because they know that both parties must meet somewhere in the middle.

Moreover, the demand letter will include a description of the accident that shows why the insurance company must pay compensation. Also, it includes a detailed inventory of your injuries, treatments, and prognosis. Your attorney will ensure you will get compensation not only for your medical costs but also for your pain and suffering that comes from your injuries. Lastly, the demand letter will contain lost income statements or loss of earning capacity. This information will be included if you have serious injuries that make you unable to work or earn the same living as you did before the injury.