Jakarta is way beyond that its mere bustling city life and delectable street food, that we usually see travel bloggers talking about. Jakarta is a mixed-bag of rich cultural experiences that can put any other enriching cultural blooming country to shame. Be it the native batik clothing making process or boarding a boat for a fun-filled ride, here are some of the top best experiences that you must bag in the capital of Indonesia.

Jakarta’s Beauty Attracts Tourists from Across the World

Jakarta is mostly synonymous with a busy metropolis, skyrocketing skyscrapers donning the traffic-packed streets. However, Jakarta as not many of you are aware of, has a whole new side to it. When at Jakarta, you can discover the serene city that inundates a diversity of culturalism. 

From adventurous boat rides to witnessing the heritage sites, Indonesia’s beautiful capital awaits your visit. Get on-board in one of Singapore to Jakarta flights and go see the beauty that Jakarta is. 

The Top Best Experiences


Stop to Marvel at the Artworks at the Art Galleries

The blooming diversity of Jakarta reaches out to the promising art scenes. A plethora of stories and inspirations are brought out through myriad styles, media, and artworks. From contemporary to classic and from private galleries to public art galleries, the best pieces of art in Jakarta resonates as the country’s blueprint of the thriving history and culture. You can drop by at the National Gallery to get inspired by the rich history and art of Indonesia and be struck with awe with its prosperous 1700 artworks belonging to various eras.

Hop on to a Boat in Sunda Kelapa Harbor

Besides the historical importance, Jakarta also boasts of the great Sunda Kelapa harbor, which has evolved as one of the most charming attractions of the capital. Upon visiting the place, you would be impressed by the neat lining of boats by the old harbor, with elegant colors on the vessel sides painted delicately. While the harbor mostly sees Instagram, crazy tourists trying to get the best shot against the vibrant boats, you can hit on a different level by actually boarding one and sail on it. 

Explore the Old Charm of Jakarta Old Town

Of all the places in Jakarta, the Old Town is one of the most robust neighborhoods dating back to the colonial era. The Old Town of Jakarta gifts you with a slice of its rich history amidst the busy metropolitan. The area is brimming with old Government buildings and trade centers that have been kept alive and breathing as heritage sites and museums. From entraining on a bicycle trip through the Fathallah Square to photographing the bizarre Ruman Akar, you can make the best of your tour at the Old Town, by simply taking a walk across the region.


Learn About the Ethnic Textiles of the Nation

You might not be oblivion to batik culture, the opulent and enthralling Indonesia’s fabric is something to fancy. However, the nation’s rich culture brags about myriad other enticing ethnic textiles that ss worth taking a dig at. The Textile Museum in Jakarta flaunts more than 1900 fabric pieces from contemporary textiles to traditional woven cloth. The museum also showcases tools and is centered around a garden that thrives with plants which in turn is utilized to dye fabric. If you are willing enough, you can also embark on a batik-making workshop hosted by the museum.

All excited about your Jakarta trip? Book your Singapore to Jakarta flights now and go visit the amazing capital in your next vacation. With so much to do and see at Jakarta, you are sure to have a mind-blowing experience there.