Comapred with a new Proton X50, buying a used car will probably require more time and energy. You need to worry about more details to avoid being “scammed” or getting a car that you don’t actually want. However, your efforts might be rewarded.

Find the right opportunity for getting a fair Proton X50 price

First of all, define your means and your needs before really getting your hands on a Proton X50. One of the determining factors of your purchase will be your budget. Compare classifieds and shop with used car dealers and individuals, and try to find the best Proton X50 price.

In the end, get a fair idea of ​​the price of the X50 taking into account its brand, mileage, accessories and its general condition. This will provide you with a good base to find the rare gem and negotiate with its owner. A tip for you here is that do not necessarily look for the cheapest car in a lot, in most cases, the will is not be the Proton X50 you want.

Try it and have the Proton X50 inspected

Useful or not, you need to evaluate what variant is worth on the road before you buy it. You will be able to judge his driving comfort, his behavior on different types of road and, perhaps, to detect any mechanical problems (see Trying his future car ). A mechanical inspection by a mechanic is essential before buying a Proton X50.

If you buy your used X50 from a dealer, have your inspection done by an independent mechanic. A trader can not stop you. Have the car inspected even if you are assured that it has already been done or that it has been certified. Even if the mechanical examination reveals only minor problems, you will at least be able to negotiate the price with more accuracy.

What to check during inspecting the X50?

If you do not want to inherit the financial troubles of the former owner, check that no debt is still attached to the Proton X50. For this, consult the Register of Personal and Movable Real Rights if the vehicle is sold in Québec. You can search by the name of the previous owner or with the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Do both, a debt that may be listed under the name but not necessarily under the VIN. If it is a car coming from elsewhere in Vietname or Thailand, do a search on WapCar.

Remember to consult the vehicle file with the MAA or JPJ (Japatan Pengangkutan Jalan). For this you will need the VIN and you will have to pay ringgits. You will know all the transactions that affected the vehicle the market.

If the word “rebuilt vehicle” appears, it is a seriously damaged Proton X50 that has been repaired before being put back on the road. Finally, check that it is not a stolen car on the Malaysia Information Center site.

If you buy the Proton X50 from a used car dealer or dealer, first check the merchant profile on the Consumer Protection Office official site or contact them on facebook. You will see if there are any complaints and offenses against him and thus avoid unsavory merchants.

The contract of sale

A contract is not obligatory between private individuals, but it is highly recommended. You can download a copy from our website.

If you buy your used Proton X50 from a merchant, you will need to sign a written contract. Make sure the accompanying label is full. Check that there are no contradictions between the sales contract and the obligatory label affixed by the merchant on the vehicle and which gathers essential information, such as the overall price, guarantees, repairs to be made,? etc.

Finally, read all the exclusions of your contract. If in doubt, ask questions.

What guarantees for that?

If you buy your used Proton X50 from a merchant, you will automatically be protected by the Consumer Protection Act (CPA). Your car is also subject to the four legal warranties (property, safety, quality and normal use) in force on delivery of the vehicle.

The duration of the warranties of ownership and security is unlimited but the duration of the quality guarantee may vary depending on what you grant the merchant. Legally, it is required to provide a warranty of good performance covering parts and labor for a period of one to six months for any vehicle of five years or 80,000 km or less, whichever comes first .

The duration of this warranty depends on the category of your vehicle 1 and is clearly displayed on the car’s label. In case of glitches, the merchant must honor the warranty at no cost and make the repair covered, or allow you to have it done by a third party, at his expense. He is also responsible for towing or troubleshooting.

However, the merchant may exclude from the quality guarantee certain defective components, provided, according to the CPA, to list them on the label and to include an assessment of the cost of the repairs. The trader is bound to this evaluation.

Finally, the basic warranty provided by the manufacturer is transferred free of charge to the new owner, as well as any extended warranty still in effect.

In case of litigation for buying the car

Instead of the car of your dreams, you end up with a lemon? Nothing requires you to keep it. Have the Proton X50 checked by a mechanic, who will testify for you when needed. Then, try to get along with the dealer and the used car dealer. If they do not want to hear anything, you have two options: mediation with the Consumer Protection Board or the court.