Delonghi espresso machine bar 32 retro espresso makers will make you forget about going to the coffee shop. This coffee maker makes barista style coffee. After having this coffee maker for your home you will completely leave the coffee shop. You can use coffee pods and ground coffee as well for making a coffee with this coffee maker. Making espresso with this delonghi espresso machine bar32 retro espresso maker is so easy and quick. It’s a simple and fast espresso maker which makes espresso within a minute. Also you can make latte and cappuccino with this coffee maker. It’s an automatic coffee maker which eliminates annoying start up preparation with the self priming operation. It is made of stainless steel and plastic. Due to using of stainless steel product this coffee maker is rustproof.

Let’s check its features without wasting any time.

Features of Delonghi Espresso Machine Bar32 Retro Espresso Maker

  • Dimension: 10.63 x 8.74 x 12.6 in
  • Weight: 9.31 lbs
  • Colour: black
  • Price: $177
  • Thermostats: It has two separate thermostats you can enjoy espresso and cappuccino.
  • Pump size: 15 bar
  • Stainless steel boiler: Yes it has stainless steel boiler.
  • Customer care centre: Very much cooperative.
  • Warranty: One year

Description of Delonghi Espresso Machine Bar32 Retro Espresso Maker

Enjoy delicious cappuccino and espresso with this stylish coffee maker. Due to use of advanced technology this coffee maker makes coffee within a minute. You can choose to brew ground espresso or espresso pods with the unique patented dual filter holder. This is your choice whether you used coffee pods or ground coffee. It has two separate thermostats you can make espresso or cappuccino both with this coffee machine. Other highlights include removable drip tray, removable water tank, durable high quality stainless steel boiler and auto shut off system. One thing you have to remember clean the steam wand after each use to avoid the coffee machine getting stopped.

Pros of Delonghi Espresso Machine Bar32 Retro Espresso Maker

  • It makes a wonderful coffee.
  • Ideal for work place and homes.
  • Makes silky, aromatic espresso with crèma.
  • It has dual portafilter.
  • It is durable coffee machine.
  • Affordable for every budget holder.
  • It doesn’t make a lot of mess.
  • Noise free
  • It is a good looking espresso machine.
  • It has the minimum 15 bar pump.
  • You can use either coffee grounds or pods.
  • One year warranty.

Cons of Delonghi Espresso Machine Bar32 Retro Espresso Maker

  • Sometimes it tastes like burnt coffee.


Dhelonghi brand is our most favourite brand in the field of coffee makers. Delonghi Espresso Machine Bar32 Retro Espresso Maker has proved that you can make your own barista style coffee at home any time. Choosing a right product is always a big question for that we have to experience a lot than you are able to choose the right product. Now days it’s easy to compare products after reading a product review. We will give this espresso machine 4 stars out of five. For more information on the best espresso machines visit Espresso Gurus.