One of the most underrated parts of any home with a garage is the garage door. You usually do not notice it much, but when it breaks, it can really be an annoyance to your life quickly. When you click on the lift button and the garage door does not open, you might be thinking what the problem could be, and maybe more importantly how much money it will coat to fix the problem. Luckily most problems can be fixed at home while more complicated problems might require you to call someone to come fix it. Here are five reasons why your garage door is not opening and some solutions to fix them.

One reason your garage door is not working might be that the eye to the door is blocked. When you click on the remote to open or close the garage door there is a sensor that is picking up on the signal to open or close. If that sensor is blocked, then it will not be able to pick up on the signal to close or open the garage door. If the garage door does not open you should look around for the sensor and see if anything is blocking it. This especially might be the case if the garage door is an older model. If the sensor is broken you might have to call a garage door repair Arlington. Another reason the garage door is not operating correctly is that it is simply locked. This is a simple human error that can happen to anyone. If the motor is running and the door wants to move but it simply cannot, then you should first check if the door is manually locked. There also might be a piece of something stuck in a place that is preventing the garage door from moving.

The door might also be off its track. This can be an easy fix to a complicated fix depending on how much off the track it is. Looking at the track you should see that everything is in place. If it is not in place, you should not try to force the garage door to open because then you might accidentally break it instead of putting the track back in place. If you can not fix this problem you should call a garage door repair Arlington. Another reason might be that your remote control for the garage door is not working. The first thing you should do if you suspect this is to change the battery if the remote control is not working at all. It is possible you might just need new batteries. The good thing is that if the remote control is broken you can easily go to a store or order another one online.

One of the biggest reasons a garage door is not opening is the power supply is not working right. You should check to make sure that it is working, and that the plug to the outlet is working. Without power, your garage door will not be working at all.

Having a garage door not working right can become an annoyance very quickly if you are on the go. Before you call an expensive repair person to come out to take a look at the problem, you should try to do some research and try to fix the problem yourself. Most garage door problems can be fixed with Google and with simple fixes that you can do without complicated tools. Make sure that you take care of your garage door and that you are not trying to break it.