Heat pumps are very efficient devices with low environmental impact when using air to climatize a room or heat water.

What Types Of Heat Pumps Are There?

Several depend on the source of energy used: air, water, or soil (geothermal). The most common heat pumps are air-to-air. In this equipment, energy is transferred between two air sources; that is, the energy from the indoor air is forwarded to the outside or vice versa.

Several examples stand out here:

  • refrigerators,
  • dryers with heat pumps and
  • air conditioners.

In recent years, air-water equipment from wolfers Portland heating has begun to gain some expression: heat pumps for domestic hot water production. In this version, the energy present in the air is transferred to the domestic water, which allows it to be heated.

Air-water equipment is also used to acclimatize: this is done through heated or cooled water that circulates, for example, on a radiant floor or through fan coils. These solutions can also include heating domestic water.

If Heat Pumps Consume Electricity To Run, What Makes Them Attractive?

These devices use electricity only to transport energy. On the other hand, HVAC systems, based on energy production, consume electricity to generate energy. This is the case of the electric radiator, which uses electricity to emit heat. But the transport operation is much more efficient than the production one.

This always implies yields less than 100%, that is, the consumption of 1 kWh of energy produces 0.9 or less kWh, depending on the equipment’s efficiency. With heat pump technology, it is common for appliances to have an efficiency well above 100 percent.

This means that consuming 1 kWh of electricity in wolfers heating services can allow the appliance to transport between 2 and 4 kWh of energy. In the case of newer air-to-air heat pumps, this ability to achieve high operating efficiency converts heat pumps into essential equipment to reduce energy consumption. In buildings with high energy and water efficiency, this can represent a significant annual reduction in electricity costs.

If the heat pumps are a refrigeration circuit, do they have gas inside?