The Safety of the loved ones, pets, and belongings is at the top of the list of every homeowner’s priorities. Even if you live in so-called “safe” neighbourhoods’, leaving your house unprotected is a risk you simply can’t afford.

Luckily, due to the plethora of DIY home security options, securing your household has never been easier. No longer you need to depend on the hiring of expensive home security services. Equipping your home with several security cameras is not the budget drain and complicated operation it used to be. Still, the question of how to choose a security camera system for your home is not the one you should take lightly. There are several factors you need to take into account when deciding on a camera system that suits you best.



Firstly, where do you want to place the cameras? Some homeowners put emphasis on indoor security, others on prefers to have outdoors covered. Of course, the safest option is the complete overview. Then, you need to decide on the field of view and coverage you want. Do you need to have the view of the street? Backyard? Surrounding objects? These are the first questions you’ll need to answer in order to make the right purchase.

In this article, I will recommend you a few battery powered wireless outdoor security camera reviews for your home and outdoor. I hope that you enjoy with this most recent and upgrated security camera systems.

The wide range of different camera types on offer can seem confusing at first. That is why it’s essential to be certain of your requirements and budget. Once you’ve precisely determined your needs, you’ll have no trouble choosing the type that is right for you.

  • Are the budget option. They are easy to install, although prepare to deal with meters of cables. Also, they rarely offer HD image quality
  • Cameras are the easiest to install. They are not very expensive and usually come with cloud storage and app control. The drawback is that they run on batteries which can require frequent replacement. The image quality is not that great, either
  • Provide higher resolution than the previous two. They are the most popular option on the market. Installation can sometimes be a bit complicated. The other downside is that the larger number of wi-fi cameras can burden your home WI-Fi system

Each of these types of cameras can come with a variety of features. Since some of the are can really drive the price up, be mindful when deciding which ones you should go with. The most common are:

  • Essential if you want 24/7 monitoring.
  • System notifies you whenever it detects movement. Some cameras activate only when they detect motion.
  • Enables you to keep an eye on your house when you’re away.
  • The camera turns on depending of the location of your phone.
  • The camera footage is recorded to the cloud, usually provided by the manufacturer. This way it’s always accessible, no matter where you are. Alternatively, you can opt for local storage, where camera records footage at your home computer. 
  • Cameras can offer up 180 degrees field of view. Some let you use digital or optical zoom, allowing to narrow the field of view.

Security system is not a privilege anymore, but a necessity. If all of this is a bit overwhelming, don’t hesitate to ask professionals how to choose a security camera system for your home. Properly installed cameras will bring you peace of mind and help your family sleep at night.