It can be challenging to find a good deal on an investment property for sale in Washington DC as the space is highly competitive. Market deals are difficult to find – the key is to find the group of sellers that focus on a niche group of real estate investors, which results in lesser competition and easier acquisition. The following are some ways to find great deals on property in Washington DC:

1. Pocket listings

Brokers hold a signed listing agreement with a seller in pocket listings, but the property is not listed or advertised. Concealing this information means that a typical agent or home buyer is unaware that the property is up for sale. Many sellers opt for pocket listings as they provide more privacy when compared to traditional listings.

These listings lead to a faster, smoother transaction overall, and the only way to find them is to connect with local real estate agents.

2. Lenders

A lender is one of the best sources for finding off-market deals, especially if the lender is local to the area you are looking to procure a property within. Lenders generally have connections to wholesalers, builders, and real estate agents looking to sell properties to investors.

Many lenders have access to 5-10 off-market properties each month, which is perfect for investors who do not want to compete with hundreds of other investors. 

3. Real Estate Investment Events and Meetups

The community of real estate investors in the D.C. metro area is rapidly growing. As a real estate investor, it is highly beneficial to get involved in real estate investment events and meetups. These events are a conduit to network with other investors who can provide vital information about the business. 

Establishing relationships with other investors opens the opportunity of getting property information from them. An investor may purchase property with the intent of completing it, but after the purchase, they realize that they do not have the time or resources to complete it in time. In such a case, the investor might approach other investors they know to take up the project. 

4. Wholesalers

Using a wholesaler is one of the best ways to find a deal as they are non-licensed real estate specialists who work with sellers or other wholesalers to bring deals to potential investors. They act as middlemen who put a property under contract, assigning their right to that contract to an investor to complete the rehab of the property. There are several wholesale networks to get involved within the Washington DC metro area. Visiting websites that are up-to-date with information on local real estate investment properties helps in the process. 

When searching for wholesale deals, ensure that you do your research and be on the lookout for wholesalers attempting a daisy chain, which is essentially when a third party, and not the wholesaler, holds the deed to the property. Such deals are difficult to close once the project is complete and might not close at all in some cases, leaving you in debt with no property to sell. 

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