Commercial flooring is a unique form of interior décor owing to its touch and design of the infrastructure. It brings together the corporate colours, quality and other complimentary issues like cleanliness, material to be used and size of the material. LVT flooring is becoming popular in the market due to its resilience and adaptability to different floor textures.

How to Know Your LVT Floor is Good

  • Maintenance – this is one factor that makes it popular. Compared to other flooring designs which have a specific way of maintaining or are entirely cumbersome, LVT floors are easier to clean. They have a protective layer which makes cleaning as simple as mopping and sweeping. The layer can be replaced after over 10 years, making it durable and cheap for the business in the long run.
  • Flexible Designs – every company has its flooring design and getting a single type that can be adjusted to suit many designs would help. LVT flooring gives such flexibility, making it easier during rebranding and floor improvements. It can use the hard floor theme, natural stone colours, stone tiles and more. The preferred design is printed on the inner layer and covered with the protective layer.
  • The Cost – if you want to buy flooring ensure you also consider the maintenance and value add besides the purchasing cost. The maintenance cost should include detergents used to clean and the value of labour. LVT requires normal detergents to clean and anyone can mop off the dirt. It might not feature among the cheapest option in the flooring industry, but its opportunity cost is worth considering.
  • Luxury – the LVT floor oozes class from the appearance and standards. A company is about the image, and a good floor gives the impression when the visitor steps into the office. Its innovative designs, waterproof layers and customised appearances give it an edge over other floor types.
  • Tolerant to harsh conditions – humidity and extreme heat have a direct effect on floors, but LVT floors are resistant to such changes in temperature. Keeping in mind that commercial places have a lot of walk-ins, getting an LVT floor ensures that the surface is durable, all-weather and clean always. This makes it suitable for any room within the premises.

To get the best value for your flooring as a businessperson, understand the space you want to use the flooring. The different themes designed can help sell the business more. Below are sample cases: –

  • A Tours and Travels Company should get a jungle coloured floor. It might be either jungle green or earth brown. These colours bring a natural feeling.
  • A Medical Facility can do well with warm colours especially sky blue. It is a colour of hope and peace and can do well in such an environment.
  • An Interior Design company should have unique colours and colour mixtures. They provide a ray of options to prospective clients on which design and colour to adopt.