With dozens of car manufacturers out there, there are vehicles that fit the needs of just about anyone. From large trucks to sporty cars, the vehicles we own vary drastically. But one type of vehicle that has grown in popularity over the years is the Audi.

Known for their fast speeds and sleek design, people all over the world own one of these vehicles. But have you ever thought about what type of vehicle an Audi is?

While many people believe an Audi is a luxury vehicle that competes with Mercedes Benz and BMW, others don’t believe so. Keep reading to learn more about the debate on whether an Audi is a luxury car or not.

Is an Audi a Luxury Vehicle?

The problem with this question is that many people define “luxury” differently. Some believe luxury vehicles are few and far between and only belong to the heavy hitters like Rolls Royce and Bentley. On the other hand, many believe there are many models out there that are categorized as “luxury.”

Some of these include Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Lexus, and even Audi. That being said, it really depends on your perception of the term “luxury.” But to add some clarity to the topic, let’s discuss what really makes a car luxury.

A confusing point to add to this already-confusing topic is the fact that luxury brands make non-luxurious vehicles. For instance, Mercedes-Benz, which is a well-known luxury brand, also created a micro-sized Smart car.

While this vehicle isn’t designed to be luxurious, it is made by a luxury brand. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Kia is a perfect example of things working in the other direction.

This brand is mostly known for building economy cars, but they have created some vehicles that might fall on the “luxury” spectrum.

All in all, it all depends on how you view the term “luxury,” but many believe Audi belongs in that category. As they continue to build outstanding vehicles with incredible capabilities and high price tags, then there will be no question on if an Audi is a luxury vehicle.