While everybody focuses on the surroundings when brining in an iconic piece of furniture in their home interiors, people seldom pay much attention to the floor finishes and if they’ll go well with this new addition or not. Similar is the case with the popular Saarinen chair, which is why we’ve compiled a short list of 5 types of floor coverings and patterns you can easily pair it with! Let’s take a look:

  1. The herringbone


The herringbone floor pattern is a total classic and it definitely looks the best when it’s carried out in wooden textures. It would complement the sleek yet artistic design of the Saarinen chair really well. As you can see in this image, the sleek legs and fabric-clad body of this chair would go really well with the close-knit patterning of this floor style. You can even use the chair’s upholstery to create a contrasting effect. It will definitely spruce up the overall ambiance quite a lot!

  1. The houndstooth (or similar) pattern


If you can find a floor covering in a houndstooth pattern, then you’ll have so much fun pairing it with your Saarinen chair.  Just look at this image and how the grey chairs pair so well with this pattern on the floor. It creates a really unique thematic value that you can easily recreate in your own homes!

  1. Natural fiber rugs


Natural fiber rugs like sisal, jute, and hemp would be an excellent accompaniment to the Saarinen chair – especially if you’ve got them upholstered in neutral colored fabric. If you take a look at this image, you’ll see how the beige hued chairs complement the khaki hue of the floor coverings so wonderfully!

  1. Geometric patterned rugs


A geometric area rug would make an excellent accompaniment to some fun Saarinen accent chairs. You can take some inspiration from this image and add some personal touches to this kind of a setting. The bold pattern of such types of rugs would definitely contrast well with the simple upholstery of these chairs. You can add an end table or some nice accent pillows in the mix to get a wholesome picture. This kind of a setting can be created for a cozy nook or even be a part of a larger living room, as in this picture.

  1. Rustic concrete floors


Concrete textured floors are totally rustic and on-trend right now. They’ll make a great pair with your Saarinen chairs – especially if you choose to upholster them in light-hued fabrics. If you need an example, just take a look at this image. The stark contrast of smooth white chairs against the distressed floor finish makes an instant visual impact! You can use the same combination in your homes to get the best effect!

So these are some floor finishes and coverings that go really well with the Saarinen chair. We hope you get some inspiration from this list and make some interactive pairings of your own!