Being one of the world’s biggest manufacturers, china is a nation ever looking to make their processes that much more straightforward and holistically smoother. Their logistics market is one of the most robust and innovative one globally because of the level of technology in use. Although their logistics market is quite robust, the inefficiencies and lack of standardization in the market is a well-known issue. To this end, one of China logistics giants JD Logistics has stepped up to the challenge.

One of the most significant issues when it comes to logistics in the country and even in the world is securing high-quality pallets whenever the need arises. Most pallets in the market are either of a lower quality, compromising the goods in transit or excellent quality which is problematic in terms of availability whenever the need arises. For this reason, the vendor is forced to either stockpile the pallets, which can be a costly endeavor, or accepting a sub-par product which is dangerous. To change this narrative, JD logistics struck a deal with the European Pallet Association e.V. (EPAL) to improve their efficiency and reduce the impact china logistics companies place on the environment.

This particular agreement has made it possible for pallets to be distributed all over JD Logistics’ partners all over China via the JD Cloud Box platform. This platform was tailor-made to help the company’s partners better perform their logistics operations without worrying about data and transparency. For instance, the platform is essential in providing real-time information on pallets and similar transactions to help merchants all over make better decisions and obtain quality products at great prices. Apart from supplying these EPAL pallets, JD Cloud Box will also be responsible for offering leasing and repair services for the pallets which should help get more pallets to businesses and increase the shelf-life of these crucial products.

Improving the Supply Chain

JD Logistics has been a significant force in creating a sustainable supply chain over the years. To this end, the company plans on being the top open trading platform in the world dealing in exchangeable pallets and logistical containers. This way, JD Cloud Box will make the EPAL load carriers the default logistics carriers throughout their entire supply chain and even cross-border operations. According to Robert Holliger, President of EPAL, JD is the ideal partner for EPAL to collaborate with as it enters the domestic Chinese market for pallets. JD’s self-built logistics network and their unparalleled commitment to quality make them the ideal partner to take china logistics to a whole different level.

The Brains Behind JD Logistics

Liu Qiangdong, also known as Richard Liu, is the founder, chairman, and CEO of Although today he is a billionaire, he didn’t come from a particularly well off family. With hard work and determination, Richard was able to rise from one success to another. In his early business career, he attempted the restaurant business and even sold health products all without success. It wasn’t until he turned to sell computer parts that he started tasting success. The business thrived, but when the SARS epidemic hit, he was one of the first businesses to entirely go online in 2004 when most companies saw this as an unacceptable risk. This risk bore enormous fruit with his company being listed on the NASDAQ market in 2014 and gaining an impressive market capitalization of a cool $44 billion. In 2016, the company had net revenues topping $37 billion, which is more than exceptional! At, no board meeting can form a quorum without, which shows just how dominant he is in the industry. Furthermore, his name is widely known in china, making him one of the most recognizable internet celebrities in the nation.