Twitter is an extremely powerful social media platform. From being funny to the borderline quirky and weird tweets, anything can get you viral here. And the trending section of Twitter is also there to make sure that news does indeed, travel faster. As a social media platform, Twitter surely has its own set of benefits that makes it stand out. 

Twitter has become so famous because you can always tweet what you are thinking on the platform. Unlike Facebook or Instagram, Twitter has always been more text heavy. While you can surely post media here too, it was initially a microblogging platform, and it carries that ethos to this day. Woke up in the morning and had a great breakfast at the neighbourhood stall? You can put it on Twitter, and it could go viral. Facing massive traffic jam on the way to work? It is probably trending on Twitter as well.

The microblogging site also boasts of a considerable number of users, which makes it very easy to get things trending. And the whole world will be there to see it. But wouldn’t it be so much better if you could use Twitter, and keep things pretty close to your chest as well? 

That is where Twitter Circles have come in.

What is Twitter Circles all about?

Twitter understands that sometimes, you would just love to talk to your close group of friends. Twitter Circle helps you tweet just like you used to, but the tweet is visible to a much smaller crowd. And you can choose how many people can see this tweet. This flexibility is provided to you on every tweet. Hence, every time you are about to post your thoughts on that one annoying neighbour on Twitter, you can choose to leave out the people that may know the neighbour personally.

How do I choose the people in my Twitter Circle?

Choosing the people on your Twitter Circle is rather easy. Before you post any of your tweets, you will now start seeing an option which asks whether you want to share the tweet with all your followers, or just the ones on your Circle. 

A single Circle can have up to 150 people. Furthermore, you can also edit whom you want to be on the Circle, or not on it, anytime you want. And no matter, how many changes you make to the Circle, people would not be notified. However, when you do tweet to your Circles, they will be able to see a text that shows them they have been added to your Circles. 

Twitter Circles have been introduced on the back of a push by the app to make the Twitter experience even more polished. And so far, it has been quite popular with the users. If you are an active Twitter user, then you would surely find this feature quite helpful. 

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