Steam cleaning, often known as hot water extraction, and dry cleaning are the two most common methods used by experts for cleaning carpets. In this piece, I’ll examine dry cleaning in contrast to steam cleaning and highlight the benefits and drawbacks of both processes.

Sadly, now that autumn has come, and winter is to come by, so your carpets will soon be stained and filthy from leaking roofs as well as muddy feet. According to the IICRC, keeping your carpet clean will help it retain its beauty for longer and will also improve the indoor air quality of your home. The Hippo Carpet Cleaning Miami Beach service offers the best service there.

Aside from weekly vacuuming and spot cleaning for accidents, the Carpet Institute recommends getting your carpets professionally cleaned once a year.

Steam cleaning of carpets

Hot water extraction is a method of cleaning where hot water is injected into the carpet using a high-pressure jet spray, and then the water is vacuumed out.

Typically, a truck-mounted equipment rather than a portable one is used for this purpose. You can expect your carpet to be vacuumed to remove loose dirt and debris, spot-treated with a cleaning solution for any stains or marks, and given a pre-spray to reduce the carpet’s surface tension. The next step is a steam cleaning of your carpet. 

Depending on ventilation, hot water extraction drying takes between six and eight hours.

If your carpet takes longer than 24 hours to dry after being washed, the cleaner probably didn’t wring out nearly enough moisture. Such is the carpet steam cleaning process.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

In spite of the name, water is used; however, far less than in steam cleaning.

Dry cleaning is performed in the same way as steam cleaning, with the professional first applying a dry cleaning solution containing cleaning agents to the carpet. In order to extract the dirt and soiling from the carpet, this solution is designed to degrade the carpet fibres, removing any buildup of residue that retains dirt in the fibres.

For this method, a machine with spinning pads is used. The pads spin rapidly on the carpet, picking up and retaining whatever dirt they come into contact with.

Pads are made of highly absorbent cotton that has been presoaked in a mix of hot water and a conditioning agent. Whenever they get too soiled during the cleaning process, they are swapped out for brand new ones.

It’s important to note that both dry cleaning and steam cleaning have their merits

The carpet is instantly walkable after dry cleaning, and in most circumstances, it will be entirely dry within two hours, making it suitable for high-traffic areas.

Everything has come to a head now!

Most carpet producers will tell you that steam cleaning is the best method to protect your investment and keep it looking like new for longer.

Keep in mind that dry cleaning only provides a superficial clean and should only be used for routine maintenance. Carpets are best cleaned fully and deeply with steam cleaning done by qualified specialists.