Life is unpredictable. Immediate after a surgery, or because of age-related concerns, you may want support for living a better quality of life. That’s where home health care services come in handy. As the name suggests, these are services that offer healthcare & nursing assistance within the comfort of your home. So, what should you expect when you are hiring a home health aide Phoenixville? Below are some facts worth knowing. 

How may need a home health aide?

There are various circumstances, when you may feel the need for basic caregiving and support. People often hire home health aides when – 

  1. They are recovering from a surgery or illness
  2. They have age-related problems
  3. They have disabilities
  4. They have a terminal or debilitating disease
  5. They don’t have enough needs to stay in a nursing home

What do home health aides do?

This depends on why these professionals are hired in the first place. For instance, if you are recovering from a surgery, you will need assistance with dressing or changing your clothes. For someone else, who is older and cannot manage daily chores, they may hire a home health aide for taking medications on time. 

Are home health aides same as personal care aides?

No. A personal care aide is basically focused on caring about day-to-day needs of the patient, and they don’t handle bandages or dressing. If you are just having basic trouble moving around in the house, or need help with errands and medications, a personal care aide may work better than a home health aide. 

What skills do home health aides help?

Usually, all caregivers and home health aides are expected to have the best of interpersonal skills, as they are expected to connect with patients. They should be flexible enough to work with the patients at a personal level, winning their trust. The same home health aide may do two or more jobs, so time management skills are important, besides attention to detail. 

How much do home health aides charge?

This depends on the number of dedicated hours each day and work involved. There are some amazing services in Phoenixville that will ensure that you get all the support that you need for your personal care. Everything about the services can be customized, and if you have special requests, they can guide the home health aide accordingly. 

Don’t delay in hiring a home health aide, if you need one.