North Carolina is one of the oldest states, and it is packed with a lot of beauty, history, and industry that make it an incredible place to live. Whether you’re considering moving here so, you can enjoy more affordable living or you’re ready to stop and take a break from 

1. Boone

When you think about North Carolina, beaches and beautiful coastlines may come to mind, but no town on this list is more beautiful than Boone. This mountain-striding city gives you a chance to disappear into the Smoky Mountains, take in some beauty and intrigue, and walk away knowing more about the history of this country.  


Here you can go panning for gold, enjoy white water rafting, take in the best mountain views in the state, and leave the stress and noise of city living behind. It’s a dream come true for anyone with a little wanderlust in their heart.

2. Charlotte

From affordable Charlotte houses for rent to awesome artsy things to do and see, it’s easy to fall in love with this amazing city! Charlotte is the most populated city in North Carolina and is comfortably nestled nearly in the center of it, in the Piedmont region. This is the main travel spot of North Carolina and is a hot stop for anyone who wants to enjoy a day of shopping and fun.  


There’s a lot of work and fun available here, so it’s hard to avoid considering this city!

3. Jacksonville

Although this isn’t as famous as Jacksonville in Florida, this Jacksonville still has a lot going for it! Home to the largest Marine base on the East Coast, Camp LeJeune, Jacksonville has a lot to do and see, tons of multicultural restaurants and shops, and some of the best bars and clubs in the state.  


Living here feels young because of the average age of marines that train here, which means you never have to feel like you’re in an old town.  

4. New Bern

New Bern was originally the state capital, but it’s since become a charming and incredible stop for anyone who wants a break from the rush of life. Here you can explore the expansive and beautiful Tryon Palace, visit the birthplace of Pepsi Cola, or check out the countless cute shops and bear-themed stops.


One visit and you’ll be amazed at how in love you can fall with this area.

5. Wilmington

Sometimes referred to as Hollywood East before Atlanta took off, Wilmington is a gorgeous high-income city that has a massive amount of arts and entertainment baked into it.


Here you can stop and explore countless museums, gardens, clubs, and awesome scenery that makes this city feel like a movie set that could get into motion at any moment. Wilmington is best for young professionals who want change.

There’s So Much to See in NC!

From the beautiful seaside to the deep Smoky Mountains, this state is gorgeous and has something for everyone. Whether you’re considering moving here for affordable living or just want to live somewhere beautiful, consider one of these cities!