Pizza itself is satiating enough to make you happy, so you often just go with your favorite drink option. However, did you know that some drinks are matched up with some pizzas to boost and compliment the flavour. Pizza is one of the most loved foods in the world, so it deserves the perfect beverage to go along with it. Before you call for Double Pizza Montreal delivery, make sure to know which drink you should pair your order with. The following are the best combinations:

BBQ Pizza and Dark Beer

A flavorful pizza like BBQ or BBQ chicken is best paired with a strong beer. The natural dark roast quality of dark beer maximizes the sweetness of BBQ sauce. But, dark beer is more filling than the majority of beers, so it has to be consumed gradually. 

Traditional Pizza and Negroni Cocktail

This type of cocktail features gin, sweet red vermouth and bitters, stirred with ice and orange slices. With this cocktail, the bitter and sweet flavours mingle with the acidity of tomato sauce and the subtle sweetness of mozzarella cheese. This beverage pairs well with Margarita pizzas. 

Hawaiian Pizza and Fruit Ale

The complex but desirable flavours of Hawaiian pizza work best when you maximize on its sweetness. You can get the most of the sweet and salty blend of this pizza by pairing it with fruit-based ale. By adding an additional layer of fruit like grapefruit and cherry, you can come up with an interesting blend with the sweetness of the pizza’s pineapple toppings. 

Vegetable Pizza and Rum-Grapefruit 

Pizzas that feature more complex, bitter flavours like exotic or savory vegetables such as chive, pair well with rum-grapefruit. The beverage can be a mix of grapefruit juice, bitters, spiced rum, and lime. It is ideal for pizzas that have a bold crash of flavours such as New Mexico, Mediterranean Beef, and Vegans Paradise pizzas. 

Any Pizza and Soda

Soda and pizza have a special connection that resonates with everyone. Some pizza lovers replace soda with beer, but most people hang on to the soda-pizza combination. Major soda brands are still alive and well and are available in any pizza place. 

Classic Cheese Pizza and Wheat Beer

The classic cheese pizza offers some complexities in flavour, which should not be underestimated. While this pizza might be the cheapest option next to plain baked bread, it is a great option for budget parties with some cases of wheat beers. Those who love light drinks can use the texture of the classic cheese pizza to let the beer dominate their taste buds.