Finally, winter’s here! As lots of people rejoice at the onset of the chilly weather, machines suffer in silence. Unlike humans, machines cannot adapt to the changing weather and might get damaged if not cared for properly. Your bikes are a part of this lot too. The considerable drop in temperature can leave your two-wheeler gasping for life. You definitely love your two-wheeler and want to protect it from being damaged due to the changing weather. Two wheeler insurance policies cover for quite a bit of damage caused to the vehicle. Nonetheless, prevention is better than cure. At very minimal costs and efforts, you can keep your bike as good as new in winters. 

In this blog, we have come up with a list of tips used by professionals to keep your motorcycle in the best possible condition in this weather. Remember that when it comes to riding your motorcycle, it is always safety first – and there’s no point looking after your bike in the cold weather if you ride carelessly and end up having an accident. Check out some of the great motorcycle safety tips to ensure your next journey is a good one – regardless of the season. Want to know all about winter care for bikes? Let’s start!

Cover it Up!

Before the weather gets any more freezing, get a bike cover. Especially if you park your bike out in the open, covers are an absolute must. Use the covers every time you park your motorcycle for long periods of time. It will protect the machine from mist or cold winds. Before covering your bike, make sure it is dry and clean. Moisture buildup of any sort may lead to corrosion, also known as, machine cancer. If viable, get a water-repellent coating on the bike. It will be helpful in every season to keep the water away.


Ever hard those annoying winter mornings when you are already running late for work and your motorcycle just won’t start? This happens due to the freezing of water in the radiator in cold. You can avoid this situation by using coolant or anti-freeze liquids. Such liquids are easily available in the market with the necessary additives. Get one of those mixtures and pour it in the radiator to keep the engine ready for every morning!

Oil Change

Engine oil is vital to keep your motorcycle protected from the cold weather. Make it a point to check the oil in the engine at the onset of winter. If the oil is in use for some time, consider changing it as it may not be as effective for your bike. Remember to use good quality oil with necessary additives for cold weather. Keep in mind the lowest temperature that hits your geographical location and use the oil which is best suited for your bike in such weather conditions. 

Don’t ride-off immediately after getting an oil change. Instead, crank up the engine and allow it to warm-up for a bit.

Battery Care

The heart and soul of your motorcycle- the battery, needs extra care during the winter season. Low temperature leads to the higher viscosity of fluids which might lead to lower battery strength. This is because thicker liquid restricts the proper flow of current and hence the bike takes longer to start. If you have old acid batteries, top them up and apply vaseline on the terminals. If you have a dry sealed battery, there is no other way than replacing it with a new one if it doesn’t work properly.

A motorcycle is probably the most convenient transport for Indian roads. While motorcycle insurance is effective in covering up your finances, it is best to follow these nifty tips to keep your bike in the best condition!