An interesting design in wardrobe online is in discussions these days. It is called sliding door wardrobe. It is one of the most stylish wardrobe designs that has certainly amped up the looks of the rooms where these are installed. The sliding style of door in the wardrobe offers unmatchable convenience and certainly lot of punch in the way it operates. You are saved the struggle of keeping the hinges well-oiled and silent all the time, something which is not required to do with sliding door wardrobe. Its best advantages are:

  • Versatile range of customization

You can experiment with a number of finishes, materials, knobs and holders while designing the wardrobe with sliding door. You can get them designed in any shape and size you want. The most interesting design would be tall reach, plain panels and sleek slides that fit the doors into one another smoothly.  You can include lacquered glass, decorative mirrors, double shaded and single shaded glass, frosted mirrors and grainy woods are some of the customized elements that can be included in the sliding door style wardrobes. Thus, you imagine the look and you get it designed from the custom furniture makers who love to try and introduce new patterns in the wardrobes.

  • Luxurious way of designing wardrobes

Sliding door wardrobes impart luxurious look suitable for the iconic home addresses of the city. These are now introduced in ultra-luxury and luxury apartments and make them look super stylish and sophisticated. The sliding design of doors comes with the sophistication factor that is essential part of luxurious homes. Most of the sliding doors have panels with luxurious elements or no elements at all depending upon the sensibilities of the home owners. However, whatever the style is, these wardrobes do not leave any chance to impress one and all.

  • Multi-utility achieves

Sliding doors can be designed in multiple ways to derive various utilities off these. The door may be adorned with decorative mirrors to offer spacious alternative to dressing area. You can dress up in front of the wardrobe and ideally make the room quite large due to mirror effect. Thus, your desire to have multi-utility solution is best met with the sliding door wardrobes.

  • Versatility of applications

Sliding door wardrobes are not restricted to the bedrooms only. These find their best utilization in offices where people can stuff lot many things without losing the attractiveness of the place and that of wardrobe. Most of the dancing classes make use of sliding doors wardrobes with mirrors which can offer the dancers to monitor the moves and let them store their belongings there during the session.

  • Quick and fast access of things

You need not struggle through multiple doors to reach the things of use. The sliding doors make it easy to reach to things faster and easier way. Apart from maximizing the storage and space, the access does not become difficult with these wardrobes.

The only cons observed of these doors are that these are a bit hard to clean and may become the breeding ground of germs and molds. The construction is also complicated and may require added expertise which definitely comes to you but with more cost.