It can be difficult to know from where to start when beginning strength training. There are uncountable exercises that works for strengthening every type of muscles. There are safety concerns to beware of and a variety of equipment to figure out. However, it doesn’t have to be so intimidating. We’re here to assist you with a primer so that you can achieve your personal goals. So, lets quickly go through all the points to target what you really want to achieve.  

Benefits of Strength Training

No matter at which position you are in your fitness journey, strength training includes some type of resistance that builds and challenge your muscles. Among the benefits strength training delivers, it can help you:

Burn more fat: According to metabolism, muscles are more active than fat, so the more you train, the more calories will burn. 

Stay young and healthy: Studies have found that strength training can enhance bone health, low back pain, heart health, improve sleep, reduce blood pressure, increase bone density, lower cholesterol, ease symptoms of arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Avoid injury: Strengthen muscle clearly means that you have strong, bearable bones and connective tissues. All these things can make the body withstand more stress than the bodies of people who doesn’t practice strength exercises. 

Improve mood: The resistance training can release feel-good endorphins and reduce anxiety and fight with depressions. 

Boost confidence: With each mastery, you boost your confidence. 

Note: Before you run after all these things, ensure to discuss with your doctors whether you have any medical conditions or illness. 

Is Lifting Weights as Important as Cardio?

Most of the people don’t give their 100% energy to strength training as it deserves. According to resources, 50% of the adults engage in adequate cardio exercises, less than 30% of the population consider the recommendation of minimum guidelines for strength training that includes activating exercises such as heavy gardening, lifting weights, push-ups at least twice a week or yoga. 

Getting Started

Two key terms that you might want to know are rep and set. A set is the number of repetitions performed sequentially whereas repetition or rep is a single instance of an exercise. 

Use these pointers to make a framework for your workout:

  • Start with a short, simple program
  • Choose the right amount of weight to lift
  • Warm-up first
  • Focus on form
  • Give yourself at least a day of rest to recover
  • Aim to challenge yourself, not overtax yourself
  • Change things up

Though we have mentioned everything in this write-up but still if you think that its not working then you can go for fitness classes in Mayur Vihar. If you continue to be determined same as in the beginning, you’ll able to shed weight and feel great very quickly.