When you’re getting married, it’s a given that the happy couple-to-be gets a special ride. You deserve the best on your special day, which includes chauffeuring you about town in a vehicle you would never drive themselves. But have you ever considered using a stretch SUV limousine service for the wedding party as well?

Separating the Celebrants

By tradition, each half of the prospective couple should not see each other before the ceremony. You maintains an air of mystery by arriving separately, typically with your respective retinues. After the ceremony, you can celebrate your bliss as a new pair by privately taking one of the limos while your wedding attendants join together in another limousine.

Driving the Non-Driver

Some of your wedding party may be unable to drive because of age, infirmity, or lack of a license. You’re then going to have to arrange for somebody to pick them up, take them to all the venues, and drop them off. If they’re from out of town, they may not have a vehicle when they arrive or may need to take public transportation to reach the celebration. An easy way to solve all these issues is to have a limo pick everybody up.

Keeping It Together

Before the ceremony can start, all the participants have to be present. If they start driving themselves, they increase the risk of arriving late or getting lost, especially if the venue is far away and unfamiliar. Having a limousine pick everyone ensures that everybody gets to the ceremony at the same time. In addition, all the attendees can chill during the ride and let the chauffeur worry about traffic and navigation.

Everybody can enjoy the comfortable seating, take a nap, and relax from any stress they experienced while prepping for the event. They’ll arrive elegant, poised, and ready to make the experience special.

Accessing Amenities

A limousine automatically raises the level of your event to something memorable because it’s not a vehicle that most people take every day. Riders can enjoy such one-of-a-kind amenities like minibars, LCD flat screens, premium sound systems with multiple speakers, CD players, privacy screens, and retractable sunroofs. They can even take advantage of refreshments to tide them over until the reception.

Partying On

After the ceremony, a stretch SUV limousine service allows all its riders to celebrate as they head for the reception. Again, nobody is going to get lost or be late because they’re all in one vehicle. The camaraderie and partying can begin while they’re on the road. Everyone can also have their fill of beverages because a professional driver takes each one home safely. Nobody has to miss out on the fun because they’re the designated driver.