Travelling for business can be tiring, stressful, and lonely, so the last thing you need is an uncomfortable car that’s impractical for your business travel needs. If you’re looking to upgrade your work vehicle, then it’s a good idea to do your research and find a car that will make work easier and more enjoyable instead of more difficult. Read on to find out the most important features that you should look for in your new work car, and why they will be so beneficial. 

Features Your Ideal Business Travel Car Should Have

Fuel Economy

When you’re travelling for business, you’ll likely be driving long distances, and therefore will need a car that won’t burn through fuel wastefully. Money and time are both important when it comes to business, and so you have to try and find a car that will get you to your meetings on time but will not break the bank by doing so. The ideal business car is economical on fuel, but doesn’t sacrifice too much horsepower, and retains its speedy edge. You will also be alternating between highway driving and navigating small city streets, and this makes having a quick car even more useful. 

Useful Technology

If you’re using your car for business travel, then it will almost be like a second home for you, so it’s worth ensuring it’s fully set up for your needs. One of things business travellers require is equipment for phone calls, as you will often be using the driving time to make work calls. Bluetooth will be a necessity, as you’ll want to be hands free when you’re on these calls. 

Sometimes, it won’t just be you on a work trip, and you’ll be carting around a group of colleagues as well. This means they will probably all want to work on laptops or phones during the trip, so you’ll need a car that can create a hotspot and provide wifi. Any other add-ons that the car can come with will be beneficial, such as a large multi-functional touchscreen with various features like a reversing camera.

Optimal Safety

It’s common for people who drive long distances to experience fatigue, especially if they’re doing it late at night or early in the morning – as many business travellers do. So, the vehicle you choose must have all the safety features that can help prevent any mistakes caused by tiredness or complacency. Something like parking assist technology can make a huge difference, as you will have the automatic maneuvering function when you’re parking in tight areas or exiting the car space, and it will save you from misjudging distances when you’re tired. 

Other potentially life-saving safety features could include blind spot detection, speed limit and road sign detection, and a driver attention alert system.

Note: Don’t drive tired. If you feel too tired to drive, you probably are. Get some rest before getting behind the wheel or opt for an Uber or public transport. 

Supreme Comfort

If you’re travelling long distances in a vehicle, then it will need to be comfortable. Not only so that your trips are more pleasant, but also so that you don’t get any back or neck strain from sitting in an uncomfortable position. The car needs to be spacious, so you don’t get sore from being cramped up for so long, and it must have excellent climate control, so that you don’t freeze in winter or swelter in summer. It should have ergonomic seating to support your body in the right ways, and the materials used should be soft yet durable to avoid wear and tear. Some cars even include an in-built seat massager, which can be adjusted easily while driving. 

Premium Style

In business, appearances can actually mean a great deal. If you’re taking your vehicle to meetings with important colleagues or clients, then it needs to look professional and represent the business well. When you turn up in a sleek, quality car, it will give a great first impression. 

This is also extra important if you need to give your colleagues or clients a lift somewhere – you won’t want to be trying to avoid showing them your car and creating an awkward situation. Choose a vehicle that you can take pride in, and one that will benefit the business as well. 

Which Car Should You Choose For Business Travel?

You might be thinking that these points are all well and good, but where do you start looking for a car that fulfills them all? Many new cars may meet a few of these requirements, such as comfort and speed, but will not have good fuel economy and safety. It’s difficult to find one that will be the perfect vehicle for your travel needs. 

Luckily, the new Peugeot 508 Fastback meets every one of these requirements, with its comfortable, ergonomic iCockpit interior, speedy, agile handling, and stunning exterior design. It is the ideal car for whizzing around city streets to get to a meeting, or driving cross-country to visit a client. It’s flexible and will make business travel a breeze. If you’re interested, make sure you choose a reliable dealer where you can test drive the vehicle and find out for yourself.