You cannot cast your entire building in one go. This means that you need to cast beams, ceiling, pillars and other parts in small portions. Starter bars are rebars cast into the concrete to give lapped connection that creates continuity of reinforcement across a cold joint or construction joint.

Reinforcement starter bars are used to extend and strengthen existing bridges, building structures and roads. Starter bars can be designed easily by projecting rebars from the concrete surface which can be later lapped with other rebars to create starter bars.

Why do we need starter bars?

Starter bars are required to enable walls to be secured to footings or concrete slabs. These starter bars come in a variety of lengths making it easy to connect wall lengths and build a reinforced structure in a faster manner.

What is the easiest way of preparing starter bar without damaging framework?

There are three easy ways of preparing starter bars without damaging the existing framework

Organic resin:

You can prepare starter bar by embedding starter bar in organic mortar from previously cast surface. Holes can be drilled in the mortar and organic resin introduced in the hole through a dispenser.

Mechanical splice system

The easiest way to create starter bar is by using a mechanical splice system or rebar coupler. In this method, you simply use a coupler onto a threaded rebar which is then cast flush with concrete. The second rebar is then connected to the coupler and to avoid loss of cross section, the end of the bar is enlarged.

Reinforcement continuity

This system is used when the diameter of the bars used is small. In this system pre bent and pre spaced reinforcement is supplied in a galvanized box that is dimpled and flanged for maximum concrete bond.

This system is used to enable efficient reinforcement continuity for sections of concrete structures that are made in phases without the need for drilling. This system improves productivity on site and also enables to reduce the amount of steel bars required to carry the same vertical load.

Where to look for reinforcement starter bars?

Although there are a host of steel companies offering starter bars in the market. However, there are very few that have the experience and technology to give starter bars as per international standards.

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