PRP technique is one of the most effective natural ways of curing a long list of ailments and diseases. Also known as analogous therapy, the PRP technique uses autologous blood with the help of PRP tubes. Then, this blood specimen is applied to the injured area of the patient. We will discuss the mechanism and the mode of the PRP technique in this article.

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Why do we need any technique like PRP?

The worldwide impact on musculoskeletal conditions is worrying and continuously growing. Even the World Health Organisation has addressed the fact that musculoskeletal injuries have been affecting millions of people all across the world and they are the most common cause of the pain caused in long term and may even lead to physical disabilities.

Chronic and degenerative musculoskeletal issues and complexions are a huge challenge because they are very difficult to treat and they carry with them, a lot of negative impacts on the body of the individual.

Many patients may even require surgical intervention and a follow-up rehabilitation programme to establish normalcy in their lives.

Even after all this, there is no certainty of a positive outcome.

How is the PRP technique helpful?

The benefits of the PRP technique can be easily summed up into three steps:

1- It stabilizes the damaged tissue in the early phases of tissue repair.

2- It directs the local epithelial and mesenchymal cells to divide, migrate, and further increase the synthesis of collagen and matrix.

3- They result in the formation of fibrous connective tissue and a scar is formed at the place.

Procedures involved

To sum up, these are the three steps involved:

1- Collection of the blood sample under sterile conditions.

2- Centrifugation of the blood sample so that the platelet count of five times the ordinary is achieved.

3- Extraction of the PRP and activating them by adding thrombin and calcium chloride.


Opting for the PRP technique might be the best solution for getting relieved from your old injuries and pain.