While there are many options when it comes to buying outdoor furniture, few offer the durability, aesthetic elegance and affordability that wicker chairs do. Wicker furniture is often the go-to option for those seeking vintage charm on a budget. 

As with most outdoor furniture, there are a few considerations that are handy to keep in mind when purchasing wicker furniture. This article will walk you through what you should be mindful of and what to avoid when it comes to buying wicker chairs

What Do You Actually Need?

The first step when buying wicker chairs is to determine exactly what you need. This will help you calibrate your budget accurately and also cut down on the time spent searching for wicker furniture and researching different retailers.

There are many configurations for wicker furniture, with sets ranging anywhere from 3 chairs all the way up to 10 chairs. If you’re intending to replace your entire outdoor set, expect to be spending at the top end of your budget. However, if you’re only after a single wicker chair, you can usually get a quality wicker chair at an affordable price.


While wicker is generally one of the more affordable types of outdoor furniture, wicker chairs when bought in sets of 3 or more can quickly start to add up. Adding on to that, any tables and other wicker accessories you intend to purchase will also drive up costs. By gaining an accurate understanding of the price of wicker in advance, you can ensure that you’ll buy only what you need and splurge on any extra add-ons without blowing out your budget.

Conversely, pricing and budget awareness may force you to get creative with how you spend your money and could possibly lead to you considering different wicker chair options you hadn’t considered. Either way, being mindful of price is a win-win. 

Know the Types of Wicker Available

Generally, PE or natural rattan wicker are the favoured types when it comes to wicker chairs. Although PE wicker is a man-made synthetic type of wicker, it’s woven in the same way that natural rattan wicker is, which gives it a similar durability and textural feel as natural rattan.

Rattan, on the other hand, is a natural growing vine that is native to tropical regions such as Australia, Asia and Africa. Natural rattan is exceptionally strong, especially when woven in the wicker styling. Being a natural material gives rattan a distinctive aesthetic appeal that synthetic wicker simply does not have. It also possesses superior durability in all weather conditions, meaning unlike PE wicker, natural rattan can be left outside year-round in even some of the harshest weather with very little likelihood of damage occurring.

PVC wicker should be avoided at all costs. PVC is a cheap vinyl polymer that is primarily used to make pipes. While lower priced PVC wicker may seem attractive, especially if you’re working with a low budget, it’s a weak plastic that’s prone to becoming brittle in low temperatures. The texture and aesthetic also doesn’t quite measure up to PE or natural rattan wicker, making it a poor choice for wicker chairs.