Are you concerned that someone you know may have an amphetamine addiction? Do you know what signs to look for in spotting an amphetamine addiction? Here are some common symptoms of amphetamine addiction:

  • Dramatic weight loss with accompanying decrease in appetite
  • Trouble at school or work
  • Problems in relationships
  • Periods of extremely high energy, followed by crashes of exhaustion
  • Insomnia
  • Hallucinations
  • Financial problems

If your loved one is showing some of these symptoms, you may want to look into some amphetamine rehabilitation centers.

Amphetamine Rehabilitation for Your Loved One

Rehabilitation for amphetamine addicts can be a tricky and painstaking process. However, recovery is possible with the help of a professional amphetamine rehabilitation center. Although all treatment centers will have some differences, the general treatment for addiction will be similar. You can expect something close to the following:

  • Evaluation – a team of medical professionals will meet with your loved one and find out their unique needs. An individualized care plan will be formed to treat him or her on their road to recovery.
  • Detox – detoxing from amphetamines can be scary and dangerous without the help of a professional team. All treatment centers provide a medically supervised detox period that will safely allow the person to come off the drug gradually. Once the body is completely clean from all drugs and alcohol, amphetamine rehab can begin.
  • Rehab – rehabilitation for amphetamine addiction will occur through several different types of therapy. The person will take part in individual therapy and group therapy. It is also common for facilities to offer creative therapies, like art and music therapy. You can also expect some kind of wellness therapy, such as physical activity and healthy eating. The support of these comprehensive therapies will arm the individual with the tools he or she needs to conquer their addiction.
  • Aftercare – After the formal amphetamine rehab program has been completed, aftercare options will be provided. While these will differ from center to center, there are usually options for sober living homes, alumni meetings, and other opportunities to continue care after returning home.

Types of Amphetamine Addiction Treatment Options

If you think your loved one needs formal treatment for their amphetamine addiction, there are a few different treatments available. Rehabilitation for amphetamine addicts can be achieved through:

  • Inpatient treatment – Inpatient care is given in a facility full-time. The individual moves into an amphetamine rehab center where they will have 24/7 support. This option has a great chance of success due to the high availability of care and support.
  • Outpatient treatment – Outpatient care is when the person receives care at a facility during the day but returns home at night. The person will go through the same amphetamine rehabilitation program, but will not have the constant support that is available with an inpatient program.