Whenever we think about flooring options, tiles are the first things that strike our mind almost instantly. Today, they have started to get more popular and for obvious reasons. Among the many varieties of tiles, vitrified tiles are the ones that have garnered the maximum attention. It comes with a glamourous sheen and luxurious prints and have a very crisp and angular edges. These tiles can uplift the look of any monotonous area, giving it a quick makeover. But why are they so tenacious? Let us find out.

How are they manufactured?

These tiles are predominantly made of clay with a small quantity of silica in it. There are also traces of feldspar and quartz in it. Under extremely high temperatures, with the help of hydraulic press, the clay is infused with silica. This process is often known as vitrification and results in a strong final product. Since clay can bond better, it makes these tiles completely impervious to water absorption. The various textures, finishes and tones of these tiles are achieved through certain variations in the manufacturing process.

Why are they popular?

Vitrified tiles are low in maintenance and are durable too. There are some other utilitarian aspects that make these tiles a preferred choice. 

  • The water and moisture resistance are extremely high in these tiles. It is achieved through vitrification, which leads the clay to strongly bond with silica, and eventually reducing the water absorption margin to less than a per cent. Therefore, these tiles can resist the chipping of the grout or any other damage that results because of water sneaking beneath the surface.
  • These tiles can also resist abrasion. The vitrification of the tiles can result in the formation of about 3-4mm thick layer, which can easily sustain the regular scratches and scuff marks from heavy footfalls.
  • They are also resistant to any mechanical damage. Since they are manufactured with rectified edges and corners, it ensures that their installation is very consistent and levelled.
  • These tiles are also resistant to any form of chemical damage. The ceramic tiles, on the other hand, can react very easily to abrasive cleaning agents. They can also discolour upon exposure to UV rays. But this is not the case with the vitrified tiles.

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