You may ask if there’s an emoji for working out? Well, there’s an entire army of workout emojis that you can use. These workout emojis are the perfect emojis to serve as your caption in your social media posts. Short and concise, using these workout emojis are all you need to describe your hard work on social media.

It all depends if you intend to keep it lowkey and use a single workout emoji for your social media caption. You can also always use a variety of workout emojis to serve as your caption. But, no matter how you use them, your followers will surely know the type of work you have been putting on in the gym.

Fist Emoji

The fist emoji or the oncoming fist emoji is a hand emoji that shows strength. This hand emoji is the perfect emoji to describe any type of physical combat or boxing you have been doing lately. Of course, there are tons of meanings for the oncoming fist emoji. But, we prefer to think that you are packing a punch for the sake of working out. 

You can also use the fist emoji to signal a fist bump. So, the fist emoji is not all about hurting someone, fighting, or working out. It can also be a ritual between several friendships. After all, fist bumps are a modern version of a high five.

Flexing Bicep Emoji

What better to showcase and describe your physique in an emoji than with the Flexed Biceps emoji? Of course, this emoji is a staple among fitness-related social media posts. It is a staple for a good reason. It is very understandable to associate this emoji with the act of working out and putting in work at the gym. 

Crunches and curls and the flexed biceps emoji as the caption, what can go wrong? The Flexed Biceps also has another meaning other than working out. It can also be a way of flexing any recent purchase, cash, or anything worth flexing on the Internet. Expect this fitness emoji to come from thriving and hardworking people and not just fitness junkies.

Weight Lifter Emoji

What can describe working out and fitness more accurately than the Weight Lifter Emoji? The Weight Lifter Emoji is an emoticon of a person that is lifting a barbell above its head. Putting another spin on a different context than lifting to this workout emoji should be a difficult task. 

The Weight Lifter emoji is the ideal emoji to go with the flexed biceps emoji on your social media post. Let everyone know that you have been moving that weight with a quick picture together with these emojis. 

The Weight Lifter emoji has different variations across different platforms. Some differ in the clothes’ color, and some platforms even have a female Weightlifter as the emoji.

Sweat Droplets

We all may differ in bicep size, body fat percentage, and other measurements. However, we all share one common aspect when we work out. Sweat is something that comes naturally among all of us while we exercise. And, what better way to describe an intense and sweaty workout session than with the Sweat Droplets emoji.

The Sweat Droplets emoji is the perfect fitness emoji to describe the act of getting down and getting it done in the gym. Your social media post can always use an extra fitness emoji to go with the flexed bicep and the weight lifter emoji. 

Basketball Emoji

This emoji of a basketball is the perfect fitness emoji for the hoopers. Show your love of the game by posting a picture or a short clip of your basketball workout. You do not need to say much on your caption as you only need the Basketball emoji to describe what you just did.

Green Salad Emoji

The Green Salad emoji may not be a direct reference to working out and sweating at the gym. However, we feel that diet is an integral part of working out. All of us need to eat clean to achieve our dream athletic body that we all want. So, if you need a good caption for your healthy food on Instagram, the Green Salad emoji should be perfect for the job.

100 Emoji

The 100 emoji has tons of meanings, but today we will talk about its usage in the fitness world. In working out, it is vital to set goals and reasons why you are working out. If you manage to achieve somehow and knock all of them, the 100 emoji is the perfect emoji for the moment. It perfectly describes the amount of effort you put into the gym and working out for today!

In Conclusion

Working out and exercising in the modern day is posting about it on different social media platforms. These workout emojis are the perfect captions to your workout photos and short clips. They are short but are transparent enough to accent your workout photos in a fun way. Use these workout emojis for your future workout sessions that will make their way to social media.