Maybe you’re getting new rugs for your home or office and don’t want to throw away the old ones just yet. If so, placing your unwanted rugs into storage can make a great compromise.

Your rugs stay fresh and protected until you need them again, and you receive new rugs in the meantime. However, it’s important to follow best practices for storing your rugs to ensure they remain in good condition for as long you keep them in storage.

Start by Cleaning Your Rugs Thoroughly

With so many different styles and brands of rugs out there, the most important thing you can do is locate the manufacturer’s instructions for your rug and follow them accordingly.

If your rug can withstand vacuuming, run a vacuum cleaner over it one time to remove and loosen dirt, dust, and other debris that clings to the rug no matter how many times you attempt to beat it clean.

Prepare Your Rugs for Storage

To prevent insects and rodents from damaging your rugs while in storage, be sure to apply a repellant specific to the type of fabric in your rug.

Next, roll the rug tightly while taking care to avoid folding it. Folding can cause damage such as creases and cracks that won’t occur when you roll the rug into a tight cylinder instead.

When selecting which way to roll the rug, start on the end that appears the least fragile. Inserting a curtain rod into the rug while you roll it can help to keep it straight if no one is available to assist you.

You’re now ready to place a breathable fabric such as a cotton sheet or rug wrap. Avoid plastic since this will make it impossible for the rug to breathe.

When looking for storage solutions, remember that cheap storage can offer just as good of quality as more expensive options.