Utilizing a storage unit is a great way to expand your useable space and relocate seasonal items temporarily.  Having a plan for the winter months when it comes to using storage and protecting your items is pivotal.  Below, we share some quick tips to get the most out of your storage unit this winter.


Remember that winter is cold, windy, and snowy so you don’t want to be moving items in and out of storage during inclement weather.  Plan ahead of time to make trips to storage prior to the weather turning.

Be sure to take out anything you might need for winter and take your summer furniture and yard equipment to storage.  Having your items in and out of storage prior to bad weather will make your storage solutions more manageable.

Protect Valuables

Water and cold temperatures can do a great deal of damage to your personal property.  Take measures ahead of time to properly insulate your valuables in storage.

Make sure that you double check any containers in storage for cracks that might allow water or cold air inside, deteriorating the contents.  To protect from the cold, try wrapping your furniture or items with insulated fabric or paper.

Remember that the cold and water can impact the outside of your storage unit too.  If you have an exterior entrance storage unit, be sure to use a waterproof lock.  This will prevent water from entering the lock and freezing, which could make entrance to your unit impossible.

Self-Storage Options

For people living in areas that truly see all seasons, having a game plan in place for self-storage is key. Knowing exactly what you want to take to and from storage can help free up more space in your home.

Self-storage units allow access to your property and goods at any time of day, any day of the week.  There are varying sizes and shapes of units available, ranging from temperature-controlled units to interior access units.  You will be sure to find a storage unit that meets your current storage needs.