When you’re ready to list your home for sale you want buyers to view your listing as the best option on the market. That’s why home staging is important if you’ve already removed yourself from the property or don’t have furniture that’s showcase worthy.

Like anything, home staging can be done incorrectly so before you start planning your decor keep reading to learn common staging mistakes you should avoid when listing your home for sale.

Curb appeal –

Something that is often missed with home staging is curb appeal, though it’s the first-place people look when viewing your home. If they can’t see a good-looking exterior, they’ll keep driving and avoid the interior altogether.

Now, curb appeal does not mean you need to spend a lot of money to get it fancy like a magazine ad, but it would be nice to mow your grass, trim trees, trim bushes, weed the garden, and freshen up any mulch you have around your house.

Not hiring a professional cleaning company –

While you may think your cleaning is the best of all your family members or even your friends, bad cleaning jobs are one thing that homebuyers will notice and can turn them away from purchasing. It’s easy to spot a home that’s been taken care of and one that’s been neglected.

Add lighting where needed –

Homes on the market are supposed to highlight their best features so home buyers want to walk through their doors. Lighting plays a big role in that. Instead of using only ceiling lighting, invest in adding floor lamps and end tables that light up a room that’s normally dark.