Let’s face it, when you’re ready to get your hair and nails done going to a new hair and nail salon can be very daunting and nerve-wracking. However, if you’ve recently moved to a new area, your old stylist is no longer in the industry, or you’ve been wanting to try someone new, it’s important to find a salon and hair stylist you trust.

How to choose a new stylist

Photos –

The first place we recommend going is to Google to do a quick search for a local hair and nail salon in your area. Once you’ve found a few, go to social media and find their pages. Surf their images and read through any reviews.

It’s important to look for a stylist that specializes in the services you want completed. For instance, if you’re looking for a nail tech but you don’t see any nail designs on the salon’s website or social pages, chances are you are not going to want to go to that salon for that service.

It’s also likely you may realize through photos that one stylist may be perfect for the color you’re wanting but may not be the best at handling haircuts. That’s when it’s important to find a hair and nail salon that offers multiple stylists so you can use one salon, but not necessarily the same person, for all your needs.

Recommendations –

You can also ask people in the area for their recommended stylists. This is the easiest way to find someone you like. If you’re new to the area and don’t know anyone, go to the local mall or Target and walk through the aisles. If you see a hairstyle on one of the customers, go up to them, compliment their hair or nails, and ask where they went to get it done. Wah-lah! You now know where to go! Also, if you are looking for scalp micropigmentation then you must note HLI Locations in New York & Chicago.

Book an Appointment –

Once you’ve decided which stylist you like and what services you’re going to get done, go ahead and call to book your appointment. If you realize during the booking that the other person is rude or your gut tells you not to go through with it, then don’t. There are plenty of great hair and nail salons to choose from!