Having a storage facility is great for when you need extra space for storage. It is easy for items to get lost or broken while in a storage unit. If you follow some easy tips, your items remain safe and easy to get to.

Tips For Boxing Items For A Storage Facility

It is important to use the best boxes you can find to pack your items. You should use boxes that are all the same size so you can stack them easily.

Be careful not to fill the boxes too much or they may break at the seams. You should label the boxes on two sides with the room name and contents details. This makes it easier to unpack.

Do not leave any empty space in the box because they can collapse under pressure. You can put sheets or towels in the space. Make sure the boxes are not too heavy, so you can lift and carry them.

Tips For Placing Items In The Storage Facility

When you place your items in a storage facility, put heavy items on the bottom and fragile items on top. Put the items you will not need access to while in storage at the back of the unit.

You want to keep items you might want closer to the front. Any furniture you can easily take apart, you should do so to prevent any damage to the items. Make sure you cover furniture with sheets or tarps to protect them from damage.

When you rent a storage facility, make sure it is slightly bigger than what you need to ensure the unit has proper ventilation. When putting items in storage, make sure you leave space between the boxes to allow air to flow.