Mental health has been a huge topic of discussion lately and one of the easiest ways to improve our mental health is by adding natural light into homes.

If you don’t have a budget in place to get custom windows installed or added to an area, you can use the ones you have by making a few adjustments.

Go around your home and see where you have blackout window curtains. If you notice a room that does not have neighbor access or views, take down those curtains and either leave no curtains on your windows or put sheer curtains in place of the blackout ones. This will help bring more natural light into your home.

Another way you can reuse the windows you currently have to add natural light is to replace all curtains with blinds. Blinds allow you to block out strangers from seeing in your home while you can still have them be open to allow light passage.

The benefits of natural light in homes

Stress –

Reducing stress is something most Americans need to practice more of. Whether you’re stressed from a long day of work, kids crawling all over you, or simply from other issues, reducing the amount of stress you experience will help improve your mental health and overall well-being.

Energy savings –

Adding natural light in your home will help you keep those hard-earned dollars in your pocket and not in the hands of large corporations. That’s right, when you have natural light you’re less likely to reach for the light switch and flip on the lights which helps save you on your energy bill.

In the winter, you can also open up your blinds to allow the natural sunlight to help warm up your home so you can turn your thermostat down a few notches and save on your heating bills.

Happiness –

They say seeing natural light and being able to look outside more provides endorphins to be released that help us feel happier. Your home should be a happy place, and we hope you feel the same.