People consume news for a variety of reasons. Whether you are a journalist, watch, hear or read the news, the credibility of your news information is vital. Merely trusting a source is not enough. Hence, one must look deeper into the tell-tale signs of whether a news source is reliable or not.

In this blog, we shall discuss the major signs to look out for when choosing an online news site. It will help you stay away from fake news or click bait, and follow news that is reliable and informative. Let’s read further.

Tips To Choose a Credible News Site

  • Who Is The Source Of This Information?

One of the main traits of a reputable news site is that it always states the source of its news information clearly. If you are browsing through a site that does not make its source clear to the audience, then it might be that the source is simply the person reporting the news.

  • What Would This Source Know?

One must consider the qualification and authenticity of the source mentioned by the site. Does this source have training in the area? Does he or she have a designation that would be a good indicator of his credibility?

  • When Did The Source Get This Knowledge?

One of the main criteria for the authenticity of the information in the news world is that the news is current. In a world where situations change within a second, any source providing news based on knowledge gathered a while back is more often than not providing yesterday’s news.

Always ensure that the knowledge gathered about specific news is immediate since situations change overnight and what might have been true a few hours back, no longer holds water.

  • How Transparent Is The Reporting?

Oftentimes, various fake news sites resort to cheap tricks such as sensationalism or click bait just to get their news stories trending. Only an authentic news publishing site such as The Island Now will maintain transparency with its audience and publish newsworthy information just as it is. They will not try to twist and turn the information or beat around the bush.

  • Cross-Check The Information Provided

One of the surest ways of knowing that the information provided is real is by confirming the source’s information. Is the information backed by government records, and other documents, and has the issue been reported by other news sites as well?

  • What Is The Track Record Of The News Site?

Many news agencies are associated with political parties or enterprises and serve as mere spokespersons for the party. Hence, they will only publish news that garners attention in favor of the party or enterprise.

To steer clear from such agenda-driven sites, a news follower must consider the past reliability of the news agency and its reputation. Only an authentic and true-to-cause news site will be able to hold a spotless reputation over a long period.

In general, odd domain names usually mean odd and rarely truthful news. So, follow the aforementioned tips and visit The Island Now to consume news from authentic online news sources.