BBQs 2u are one of the most renounced and independently leading company. Kamado Joe, Ooni Pizza, and Napoleon barbecue retailers that have been a part of this venture since 2002. With their growth in this business, they have grown passionate about every barbecue and have a great deal of knowledge in grilling that is shared with their customers. 

They have an amazing collection of products that they sell and stock like Kamado Joe BBQ, Napoleon barbecue, Masterbuilt Gravity BBQs and Ooni Pizza Ovens along with the amazing Napoleon accessories and Kamado Joe Accessories. BBQs 2u is the best place for whatever you want from gas or charcoal.  

The newest Kamado Joe Classic III explorer pack is the most advanced and hottest Kamado joe grill it also has a cart and side shelves that are improved with the brand new innovation to strike the world of Kamado with foods flavour being transformed with the insert of avant-garde Hyperbolic SloRoller Smoke Chamber.  

The amazing pack contains products like Kamado Joe Classic 3, a kamado big block XL lump wood Charcoal 9Kg, a Kamado Classic Joe Grill Cover, a half moon cast iron reversible griddle classic joe, a half moon cast iron cooking grate classic joe, a pizza stone, a soap stone of kamado Joe, a cut stainless steel cooking kamado joe laser, and a kamado joe fire starter.

The kamado joe classic III BBQs is also a new launch and improved kamado joe grill, it has a first-class cart and better side shelves and the newest innovations for the world of kamado world. The food is going to taste amazing with the slow and low cook. Harvard University has developed the SloRollers and it harnesses the cyclonic airflow power technology that controls the smoke and heat. 

The design of SloRoller is great to get the perfect texture and taste of food on slow and low cooking at 500 degrees Fahrenheit. They easily swap out the heat deflector while grilling or searing at a higher temperature.  

Along with the feature of predecessors, they have a thick wall heat resistant shell feature that locks the moisture and smoke at any temperature. This is amazing for cooking successfully even on a breezy, wet, or cold day outside, making it easier to enjoy 365 days of the year with fun cooking sessions. 

In the month of February at participating dealers you can get a free Joe Tisserie, Charcoal, Cover, and firestarters. They surely have an amazing collection that gets you happiness without any kind of hassle. 

The products are specially designed in Canada. They are very easy to be used for the grill, bake, and roast along with the unique lid on technique. The design of the products makes it very easy to clean after an amazingly delicious food every time. The items are long lasting and weather friendly. 

As napoleon barbecues are versatile you can use them to make anything you want from sausage to burgers. There is a guarantee available on their charcoal barbecues and gas for the next 10 years from the date of purchase.