If you own a car and want to make sure that it performs well in the long-term, then learn to look after it from day one. The more care you pay towards it, the better it will perform in general. In case you are wondering how it can be done, here are top tips that you can pay heed to.

Tyres & AC

If you are facing a low mileage issue, then these two might be the reason for it. Your car’s tires and air conditioner play a huge role in deciding how good its mileage is. So, get your car’s tires checked at any nearby workshop and make sure they have enough air quantity. Moreover, stop using AC when the outside temperature is manageable. Most of the time, car owners keep using AC even when they don’t need it, which results in more fuel consumption and lesser mileage. Don’t make this mistake.

Get It Inspected By an Expert

Once you fix the tires and AC related issues in your car, the mileage related problem will never appear again. However, there can be many other issues in a car that can affect its performance in the long run. Just to be on a safer side, get your car inspected by an expert on a regular duration. The more frequent you are in this regard, the better it is for your car.

Besides, make sure you don’t let any other person drive your car in your absence. Nobody else will take care of it as much as you do. Rather than regretting your decision at a later stage, learn to say beforehand so you never find yourself in that situation again. Keep these few important things in mind and improve your car’s performance easily.