Sometimes you may hit a plateau in your career and feel that it is time for a change. You have put aside a tidy sum in savings and are not worried about your immediate financial needs. You have had some great things about California and feel it has everything you need to start all over again. Your friends have told you to check out the real estate school in California because they know you have a passion for houses and property.

So why would you relocate to California?

California Is a Happy City

If you must relocate, go to a place that will make you happy. Research shows that San Francisco is one of the happiest cities in the US.  Anyone starting a career will find overall happiness and satisfaction working here.

Massive Growth Opportunities

Your passion is in real estate, but you do not want to work for someone. You want to try the entrepreneurial journey by starting your agency. Well, you will find fantastic networking opportunities and support from the local government. Now, the onus is on you to ensure that you succeed in your new venture.

Access to technology

If you settle in San Francisco, you will be right next to Silicon Valley. You can, therefore, take advantage of technology to grow your business.

Low Unemployment Levels

You have visited the real estate school in California and may be wondering whether it is the right choice. California has one of the lowest unemployment levels in the United States. You stand a chance of starting your real estate career quickly.


We all know how annoying it can be to sit in the traffic jam for hours on then. There are so many other things you could be doing other than looking at the car in front of you. You will like living in San Francisco California. It is a relatively small city, and you will find that you can access many places on foot. You can also use public transportation systems to get to your destination.

Career Change At 50

There are massive opportunities for people who are 50 and over in California. Such include instructional coordinators, clinical counselors, and athletic trainers, among others. California has over 400 colleges, many of which have no issue hiring anyone over the age of 50.

Final Thoughts

You do not want to spend the best years of your life toiling away at a job you do not enjoy, living in a place that you do not like. A career change in California may just be the thing you need. However, do your research well before calling in that moving van.