Plumbers and construction workers on the job or while at client’s office spaces to discuss project specs have the same bathroom needs as everyone else. And so, you ask politely to use the facilities or simply go depending on the circumstances. Then it happens—you clog the client’s toilet.

Don’t panic. If you’re a plumber, no need go to the commercial plumbing supply store for tools, as you likely have everything on hand including the know-how to resolve it. Contractors, on the other hand, may not. So, here’s what to do when this oopsie happens.

Steps to Resolving Toilet Clogs in a Pinch

  1. Turn off the water to the toilet—This needs no explaining to professionals, but just in case, turn the knob behind the toilet bowl or step and twist it to the off position.
  2. Look for or collect the tools needed—Find a plunger by the toilet, under a cabinet, etc. and maybe even drain cleaner (if the toilet’s compatible) and get to work freeing the clog.
  3. Turn the water back on—Perform #1 in reverse.
  4. Clean up the mess—The icky part is getting the mess cleaned with proper toilet cleaner or even hand soap and towels in a public facility.
  5. Let someone know—If the space is currently occupied, you should let someone know what has occurred. This is a great time to discuss with them the need for plumbing services in the near future to prevent further incidents. If you are working on the project currently, then you know you need to look further into the issue or notify the appropriate parties on the job.

As you can see, there is no need to get ‘weirded’ out by such a common issue that nearly everyone has experienced at some point. With these tips, you can resolve the problem and come out smelling like a rose.