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21 Feb 2020

Author: admin

Home Improvement

Should I Flush My Water Heater? 

  If you are a conscientious homeowner, you probably read the owner’s manuals that came with your appliances.  And, if you’re reading this article, it’s probably because you noticed that the manufacturer of your water heater recommends flushing your unit every six months.  You may…


Health Issues Caused by Poor Circulation 

Your veins carry the blood that provides all the nutrients and oxygen your muscles and organs need to function correctly. When those veins aren’t working correctly, then you could suffer from several health conditions. Signs of Poor Circulation A major sign of poor circulation is a persistent numb…


5 Great Ways to Use an ATV 

There’s no denying that ATV riding is excellent recreational fun in and of itself. But, did you know that there are numerous uses for ATVs beyond just riding for pleasure? All-terrain vehicles are often used for a number of agricultural and homestead uses such as…


The History of the Beanie 

The oh so popular men’s beanies of today have actually have around for centuries. They have always been loved for their softness and warmth, although you can now find summer beanies that are more lightweight for warm days. A Hat with Many Names Depending on…