Congratulations on your engagement! How exciting to now have a new sparkling engagement ring on your left hand! This is going to be a fun moment for you and your fiancé to celebrate together.

While this is a fun time for you, there are common mistakes engaged couples make every day and today, we are here to shed light on some of those.

What not to do after an engagement

Post on social media before you’ve told your family –

This is a big no-no! You should not have your mom calling you to congratulate you or your grandma, for that fact, because they found out through your Instagram or Facebook post. Instead, pick up the phone and tell them your exciting news before you publish to your social channels.

Don’t start letting everyone else plan your wedding before you’re ready –

Once you get engaged, your family will likely start asking questions and being excited about this new event they are going to be a part of. But, don’t let them jump the gun and start inviting people to an event that doesn’t even have a date yet.

You’ll have to learn through the wedding planning process to say no to people you love and stick up for things you do want. Take this as a grown-up step in your personal development.

Take advice as you wish –

Man, oh man, are you in for receiving a lot of unsolicited advice from people you may not even want advice from. Instead of being rude about it, simply come up with a nice way to shut it down and move on.

Hold off on setting a date and choosing your wedding party –

This may sound a bit strange, but you’ve just gotten engaged and you need to take a step back to soak it in. This is also a time to ‘test the waters’ and see if the person you’re engaged to is really who you want to be with for the rest of your life.

Engagements are the steppingstones before marriage. Marriage is a commitment that’s meant to last years and decades. Take time to enjoy and get to know your fiancé on another level before you set a date and choose a wedding party.